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EG Trophy

Zolder, Belgium

Date: 21/8/1988
Track length: 4.184 m
Attendance: unknown
Entries accepted: unknown
Starters: unknown
Finishers: unknown

Pole position: Ludwig
Fastest lap: Grice in 1.47,68

Distance: 4 hours
Average speed: 119,57 kmh
Ruleset: Group A
Car info: 1988 Cars


In Zolder, perhaps the least loved stopover on the tour, Eggenberger again ran three cars, retaining Brancatelli and Biela from the Spa line-up, and regaining the service of Niedzwiedz. The Wolf and Nissan cars joined in again, and enlivened the action when they mixed it with the three Eggenberger cars. The Wolf car soon dropped back off the pace, but the Nissan pressed on with Grice actually threatening Soper for second.

Just when it seemed that the Sierra would be challenged head-to-head the heavens opened and flooded the circuit. Van de Poele, anticipating downpour, stopped early for wets and emerged from the onslaught with a handy lead while Soper and Grice pushed on and both crashed; as did Ludwig later.

Dieudonné took over the remaining Sierra and pushed Ravaglia to the line but the Italian held on in a tight finish to take maximum points to virtually secure the title. Following the Zolder race, only Dieudonné ·could take the title from Ravaglia, but he had to win the penultimate round at Silverstone two weeks later to do it.

Division 1, 2 and 3
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1 57 Schnitzer
BMW M3 Evo
Roberto Ravaglia, I
Eric Van de Poele, B
(Altfrid Heger, D)
2332 L4 Div. 2 115 7/8      
2 1 3 Eggenberger Motorsport
Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth
Pierre Dieudonné, B
Frank Biela, D
1993 tc L4 Div. 3 115        
3 2   Euromotor/Luigi Racing
Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth
Thierry Tassin, B
Jean-Claude Andruet, F
1993 tc L4 Div. 3 114        
4 2 51 Bigazzi
BMW M3 Evo
Jean-Michel Martin, B
Jacques Laffite, F
2332 L4 Div. 2 113        
5 3   Wolf Racing Team
Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth
Armin Hahne, D
Peter Oberndorfer, D
1993 tc L4 Div. 3 113        
6 4   Bemani Toyota Schweiz
Toyota Supra 3.0i MA70
Philippe Müller, CH
Volker Strycek, D
2954 L6 Div. 3 111        
7 5   Bornebusch Racing
Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth
Ulf Larsson, S
Loris De Sordi, B
Kaj Bornebusch, S
1993 tc L4 Div. 3 111        
8 3   úAMK
Oldrich Vanícek, CS
Vlastimil Tomásek, CS
2332 L4 Div. 2 108        
9 4   Wollstadt Racing
Heinz Wirth, D
Johannes Wollstadt, D
2332 L4 Div. 2 106        
10 6    
BMW 635 CSi
Cyril Raes, B
François Verhaegen, B
Christian Cremer, B
3475 L6 Div. 3 106        
11 1   FINA Racing
Toyota Corolla GT AE86
Pierre Fermine, B
Serge De Liedekerke, B
1587 L4 Div. 1 105        
13 2    
Toyota Corolla GT AE86
Georg Alber, D
Antonín Charouz, CS
1587 L4 Div. 1 102        
CL 3   FINA Racing
Toyota Corolla GT AE86
Noël Van Den Eeckhout, B
Eddy Van Esch, B
1587 L4 Div. 1          
DNF   23 Nismo
Nissan Skyline GTS-R Turbo HR31
Win Percy, GB
Allan Grice, AUS
2029 tc L6 Div. 3 95       Gearbox
DNF   56 Schnitzer
BMW M3 Evo
Emanuele Pirro, I
Roberto Ravaglia, I
2332 L4 Div. 2 7 7/8     Blown engine
DNF   56 Bigazzi?
BMW M3 Evo
Jean-Pierre Jabouille, F
2332 L4 Div. 2         Accident
DNF     Eggenberger Motorsport
Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth
Steve Soper, GB
1993 tc L4 Div. 3         Engine
DNF     Eggenberger Motorsport
Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth
Klaus Ludwig, D
1993 tc L4 Div. 3   1     Accident