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Oulton Park

Oulton Park, Cheshire, Great-Britain

Date: 22/8/1987
Track length: 4.456 m
Entries accepted: 18
Starters: 16
Finishers: 11

Pole position: Rouse in 1.42,0
Fastest lap: Allam in 1.48,3 = 148,12 kmh

Distance: 30 laps
Average speed: 146,13 kmh
Weather: Start on wet track, but sunny
Ruleset: Group A
Car info: 1987 Cars


Having qualified halfway down the 18 car grid for Saturday's British Touring Car Championship long distance race, with the might of the best offerings from Ford, BMW, Rover and Holden sitting in front of them, Mike Newman and Robert Speak could be forgiven for thinking that today, victory would not be theirs. However, 30 laps of the challenging Oulton Park circuit, consistent driving and the choice of slick tyres on a damp track when the fancied runners hit trouble, resulted in their venerable BMW 635 CSi taking the flag ahead of the field. In a fair world Win Percy, driving Graham Goode's RS 500 Sierra Cosworth would have taken the win, after a superb drive on slicks. However the Ford broke it's gearbox and it was left to Win's former colleague Jeff Allam to take second with David Carvell after a stirring drive. Chris Hodgetts and Tiff Needell shared two cars to take fine third and fifth spots in their Corolla's while, behind the leaders there was action all the way. As a new concept to the British series, Saturday proved that endurance races of this type can work as a regular feature of the BTCC. (MN)

Touring Cars class A-D
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1 10 Newman’s Footwear Ltd.
BMW 635 CSi
Mike Newman, GB
Robert Speak, GB
3475 L6 A 30 laps, 59.21,8 8 1.47,4    
2 2 5 R.A. Potter Racing Developments with Castrol
Rover Vitesse
David Carvell, GB
Jeff Allam, GB
3532 V8 A 30 laps, 59.29,6 3 1.45,0 1.48,3 (Allam)  
3 1 66? CHMS Team/Toyota GB
Toyota Corolla GT AE86
Chris Hodgetts, GB
Tiff Needell, GB
(Win Percy, GB)
1587 L4 D 30 laps, 1:01.09,8 10 1.50,4 x  
4 3 3 Letchworth Roofing
Rover Vitesse
Graham Scarborough, GB
Lionel Abbott, GB
3532 V8 A 29 9 1.48,1    
5 2 67? CHMS Team/Toyota GB
Toyota Corolla GT AE86
Tiff Needell, GB
Chris Hodgetts, GB
1587 L4 D 29 11 1.51,2    
6 4 4  
Rover Vitesse
Dennis Leech, GB
Karl Jones, GB
3532 V8 A 29 6 1.46,1    
7 1 39? Terry Drury Racing
Ford Escort RS Turbo
Lionel Wiffen, GB
Mark Hales, GB
(Graham Hathaway, GB)
1598 tc L4 B 28 17 1.57,3    
8 2 31 John West Foods - Alfa Romeo Dealer Team
Alfa Romeo 75 Turbo Evoluzione
Jon Dooley, GB
Rob Kirby, GB
1762 tc L4 B 28 13 1.55,4    
9 3 77 AGK Motorsport
Toyota Corolla GT AE86
Gerry Marshall, GB
Geoff Kimber-Smith, GB
1587 L4 D 28 12 1.54,6   Pit stop (fuel pump switch)
10 1 42? Demon Tweeks
VW Golf GTI 16V
Alan Minshaw, GB
Vic Lee, GB
1781 L4 C 27 18 1.58,3    
11 2 45 Demon Tweeks
Renault 5 GT Turbo
Holman “Les” Blackburn, GB
Roger Saunders, GB
1397 tc L4 C 26 16 1.56,8 x  
NC   8 Team Istel / Austin Rover Finance
Rover Vitesse
Tim Harvey, GB
David Leslie, GB
3532 V8 A 26 4 1.45,6    
DNF   7 Alan Docking Racing
Holden VK Commodore
Mike O'Brien, GB
Gary Brabham, AUS
4980 V8 A 26 7 1.46,6   Half shaft
DNF   33 Prodrive
Frank Sytner, GB
Mike Smith, GB
2332 L4 B 19 5 1.46,0 x Misfire
DNF   6 Listerine Goode Racing
Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth
Graham Goode, GB
Win Percy, GB
1993 tc L4 A 19 2 1.43,2   Differential
DNF   2 Industrial Control Services Ltd.
Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth
Pete Hall, GB
Andy Rouse, GB
1993 tc L4 A 3 1 1.42,0   Electrics
DNS   38 Terry Drury Racing
Ford Escort RS Turbo
Mark Hales, GB
Phil Dowsett, GB
1598 tc L4 B   14     Halfshaft
DNS   55 Smith & Latimer
MG Metro Turbo
Colin Pearcy, GB
Paul Taft, GB
1275 tc L4 C   15 1.56,4   Turbo