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Daily Express International Trophy

Silverstone, Northampton, Great-Britain

Date: 13/4/1986
Track length: 4.718 m
Entries accepted: 14
Starters: 14
Finishers: 12

Pole position: Rouse in 1.37,22
Fastest lap: Rouse in 1.38,42 = 172,88 kmh

Distance: 15 laps
Average speed: 169,98 kmh
Ruleset: Group A
Car info: 1986 Cars


Much has been written recently about the parlous state of British Group A racing: weak government; no sponsor; thin entries; and so on. But at Silverstone there was nothing but enthusiasm for the series from all involved, as well as an RAC MSA representative keen to put the championship back on its feet again.
However, it was with a keen sense of irony that the drivers took to the greasy track for the first session, aware that the mooted sponsor for their series had defected to the F3 championship: and this was the first F3 round bearing Lucas support... Still, that first session produced a few surprises, Mike Newman just a whisker away from Andy Rouse's time. Praying that conditions would remain the same for the race, the Blackburn shoemaker was full of praise for the Avon footwear adorning his Burlington Wallcoverings BMW 635 CSi, and waiting for the latest Schnitzer homologation goodies to come from Germany. Also looking very quick in the conditions was former MG Metro Challenge racer Paul Taft, now at the helm of Brooklyn's RS1600i. Come session two, however, the grid had a more familiar ring to it, both Newman and Taft rather further down the order, the Brooklyn boys deciding to change the Escort's engine overnight.
Still at the top of the time sheets, Andy Rouse was looking confident in the Industrial Control Services Sierra. This is a brand new car (the championship winning '85 shell having been sold to New Zealand), and was running on Dunlop's latest Kevlar construction rubber, as seen on the works Rovers in the Touring Car Championship. Sharing the front row with Andy was the familiar black and dayglo orange Vitesse of Dennis Leech. Also on the latest Dunlop rubber (17 inch) and sporting the new deep front spoiler, the Vitesse was being hurled through Woodcote. More of a problem for Dennis, though, was the lack of a correct rear axle ratio for Silverstone.
On the second row was ICS boss Peter Hall, which he shared with the Hughes of Beaconsfield Toyota Supra, Peter Lovett returning to the saloon fray. Although still sporting Toyota GB colours, the car has no official support. "We're thinking of calling it an Audi," said Peter referring to a dropped valve. An engine change would be required. On the third row was Newman and Class C runner Chris Hodgetts, with semi works backing for his Corolla, as well as Duckhams support. An engine change between sessions (for a pukka race unit) and Dunlop's latest saw a cracking charge in the second session. Rob Kirby headed the Class B runners with his ageing GTV6, but ever the optimist (he was, after all, wearing sunglasses -at Silverstone...), at least he could boast his 'Dish of the Day' award. The Ford RS Turbo brigade seemed to be in trouble, though, with turbos (both Datapost/Esso cars) and new car problems in general (Terry Drury). Race day was overcast, but the tin-top boys enlivened proceedings with a superb race. Leech simply blasted off the line at the green, the V8's muscle getting the better of the whispering turbo. Also making a sensational start was Newman.
up into second briefly, before Rouse made good the spot. From then on, Leech and Rouse pulled away, swapping places regularly until lap 8, when Rouse made first his finally. Leech still hung on, but fading brakes and a broken synchromesh - "I had a box full of neutrals and my foot flat to the floor coming into Becketts one lap. That ain't very funny..." -meant a final lunge for victory was not on.
Some way behind these two came an equally entertaining scrap for third, enjoyed at various times by Newman, Hall, Richard Longman and Lovett. At the flag Hall just managed to repel Lovett's advances.
Class C was won at a canter by Hodgetts, but providing a graceful shape to the race was the battle for last, emulating the struggle at the head of the field for first. Geoff Kimber-Smith just made sure that the wooden spoon went Taft's way. (MN)

Touring Cars class A-C
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1 1 Industrial Control Services Ltd.
Ford Sierra XR4 TI
Andy Rouse, GB
2320 tc L4 A 15 laps, 24.58,95 1 1.37,22 1.38,42  
2 2 4  
Rover Vitesse
Dennis Leech, GB
3532 V8 A 15 laps, 25.00,02 2 1.38,51 1.38,69  
3 3 2 Industrial Control Services Ltd.
Rover Vitesse
Pete Hall, GB
3532 V8 A 15 laps, 25.47,86 3 1.40,69 1.41,42  
4 4 9 Hughes of Beaconsfield
Toyota Celica Supra MA61
Pete Lovett, GB
2759 L6 A 15 laps, 25.47,94 4 1.42,08 1.41,85  
5 1 44 Royal Mail Datapost
Ford Escort RS Turbo
Richard Longman, GB
1598 tc L4 B 15 laps, 25.52,81 9 1.45,32 1.41,84  
6 5 5 Burlington Wallcoverings Ltd.
BMW 635 CSi
Mike Newman, GB
3475 L6 A 15 laps, 25.53,17 5 1.42,47 1.41,78  
7 2 30 John West Foods - Alfa Romeo Dealer Team
Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV/6
Rob Kirby, GB
2491 V6 B 15 laps, 26.24,25 7 1.45,10 1.44,47  
8 6 13 Mann’s Garage
BMW 635 CSi
Barry Barnes, GB
3475 L6 A 15 laps, 26.28,70 10 1.45,72 1.44,61  
9 1 66 Team Toyota GB / Duckhams
Toyota Corolla GT AE86
Chris Hodgetts, GB
1587 L4 C 14 laps, 25.03,01 6 1.42,59 1.44,43  
10 2 62  
Toyota Corolla GT AE86
Tony Crudgington, GB
1587 L4 C 14 laps, 25.10,98 8 1.45,29 1.45,86  
11 3 77 AGK Motorsport
Toyota Corolla GT AE86
Geoff Kimber-Smith, GB
1587 L4 C 14 laps, 25.11,94 13 1.47,41 1.46,22  
12 4 69 Brooklyn Motorsport / ECS
Ford Escort RS 1600i
Paul Taft, GB
1598 L4 C 14 laps, 25.12,34 12 1.46,78 1.46,48  
DNF   38 Terry Drury Racing
Ford Escort RS Turbo
Mark Hales, GB
1598 tc L4 B 5 14 2.07,43 1.53,44 Overheating
DNF   33 Royal Mail Datapost
Ford Escort RS Turbo
Alan Curnow, GB
1598 tc L4 B 3 11 1.46,29 2.05,10 Injection