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Pukekohe Raceway, Auckland, New Zealand

Date: 14/12/1986
Track length: 2.817 m
Entries accepted:
Starters: 29
Finishers: 16

Pole position: Crosby
Fastest lap:

Average speed:
Ruleset: Group A
Car info: 1986 Cars


This was yet another race of attrition. The Crosby Commdore continued its dominence of qualifying in the series, with Grice putting the Skyline in second and Francevic in third. Charlie O'Brien had sort the rocker problem that kept him down the order at Baypark and qualified fourth.

In the race itself, the Skyline took the lead from the start and held it for the first hour until forced into the pits for the first of many long pit stops. The first one resulted from a broken fanbelt. Further pit-stops were required to sort the problem, with the team eventually spending twenty minutes replacing the alternator. However, such was the attrition, the Skyline still finished tenth, allowing Grice to take the South Pacific Touring Car Championship.
The Crosby Commodore ran second until oil pressure problems caused its retirement on lap 24. The Francevic Sierra went out early with a broken camshaft.
Trevor McLean was another early retirement, after being punted off by O'Brien's BMW on the first lap. The collison caused O'Brien to pit for repairs to the front guard.
At the end of the first hour, Andersson took the lead in the Volvo until he too was forced to retire with a damaged differential.
Amazingly the Anderson brothers Mustang took the lead from the Volvo and held it for 29 laps until their usual reliability curse struck and they retired with a badly bent strut which had damaged the differential.
Winner of the 1600 cc class in the first two races, Dave Barrow, retired the Corolla with a blown clutch at two-thirds distance and Trevor Crowe retired about the same time with a broken rocker.
Through all of this O'Brien had worked his way back into the lead after his first lap collision and held it to the finish. The Robbie Ker/Wayne Huxford Mustang ran reliably to finish second on the same lap, while Graham Lorimer and Tony Lawrence in the ex-Crosby BMW completed the podium.

Overall result
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1 7 State Coal BMW
BMW 635 CSi
Charlie O'Brien, AUS
Glenn McIntyre, NZ
3475 L6 +2500 151 laps 4 1.07,11    
2 2 17  
Ford Mustang 5.0 GT
Robbie Ker, NZ
Wayne Huxford, NZ
4999 V8 +2500 151 laps, 30 seconds behind 8 1.08,19    
3 3    
BMW 635 CSi
Graham Lorimer, NZ
Tony Lawrence, NZ
3475 L6 +2500 148        
4 1    
BMW 325i
Ed Lamont, NZ
2494 L6 2500 146        
5 1    
Toyota Corolla GT AE86
Bryan Bate, NZ
Bryan Hartley, NZ
1587 L4 1600 143        
6 2    
Toyota Corolla GT
Bruce Fowler, NZ
Kirk Stoneman, NZ
1587 L4 1600 139        
7 3    
Toyota Corolla GT
Rupert Gardiner, NZ
Sydney Gardiner, NZ
1587 L4 1600 139        
8 4   Bob Holden Motors
Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86
Bob Holden, AUS
Andrew Bagnall, NZ
1587 L4 1600 137 (5)     Alternator
9 5    
Ford Escort RS 1600i
Jim Clark, NZ
Bob Cullinane, NZ
1598 L4 1600 133        
10 6    
Toyota Corolla GT
Steve Willy, NZ
David Janes, NZ
1587 L4 1600 130        
11 4 5 Nissan Motorsport New Zealand
Nissan Skyline RS Turbo DR30
Graeme Bowkett, NZ
Allan Grice, AUS
1990 tc L4 +2500 130 2 1.05,42   Fan belt, alternator
Isuzu Gemini ZZ
Peter McNeil, NZ
Ian Schuler, NZ
1817 L4 2500          
15   31  
BMW 635 CSi
Trevor Crowe, NZ
3475 L6 +2500   5 1.07,32   Rocker
Rover Vitesse
Ian "Inky" Tulloch, NZ
3532 V8 +2500   10 1.08,43    
Jaguar XJ-S
Allan Prince, NZ
5344 V12 +2500          
DNF   6  
Holden VK Commodore
Graeme Crosby, NZ
Wayne Wilkinson, NZ
4980 V8 +2500 24 1 1.05,14   Oil pressure
DNF   1  
Ford Sierra XR4 TI
Robbie Francevic, NZ
2320 tc L4 +2500 4 3 1.06,59   Cam belt
DNF   3  
Holden VK Commodore
Trevor McLean, NZ
Rod Downs, NZ
4980 V8 +2500 1 7 1.08,12   Accident
DNF   33  
Ford Mustang 5.0 GT
Bruce Anderson, NZ
Wayne Anderson, NZ
4999 V8 +2500   9 1.08,32   Rear suspension strut
Volvo 240 Turbo
Per-Gunnar "Peggen" Andersson, S
Gary Croft, NZ
2141 tc L4 +2500   6 1.07,52   Differential
BMW 325i
Denny Hulme, NZ
2494 L6 2500   11     Fan belt
Toyota Corolla FX-GT AE82
Dave Barrow, NZ
  L4 1600         Engine