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Bergischer Löwe

Zolder, Belgium

Date: 11/3/1984
Track length: 4.261 m
Attendance: 3,116
Entries accepted: unknown
Starters: 24
Finishers: 18

Pole position: van Ommen in 1.48,21
Fastest lap: Grohs in 1.59,74 = 128,13 kmh

Distance: 24 laps
Average speed: 125,485 kmh
Weather: Drizzle, cold
Ruleset: Group A with weight and tire penalties
Car info: 1984 Cars


A very early start of the season in Zolder did not only bring the expected low temperatures and rain, but also snow on Saturday. Many teams were either not ready or finished the cars’ preparation in the paddock. Scrutineering brought few problems, but many a car had difficulties to stay within the 100 dBA maximum; Alfa Romeo had change the exhaust resulting in a massive power drop.
There were 28 cars present, of which 25 made the start - not bad for a first race, but the whole atmosphere was nothing like it had been in those DRM years.
Still, a competitive field with seven BMW 635s, two Rovers, a Mustang, a Camaro (though it stayed in the paddock most of the weekend), four Alfettas and a bunch of smaller cars. And there were top drivers like Stuck, Grohs, van Ommen and Trint - but maybe this list wasn’t long enough, so relative newcomers could end up quite high in the results.
After practice, it was van Ommen (Rover) on pole with teammate Manthey third, and in between was Stuck with his Brun-BMW 635. Grohs was fourth on the grid, and behind him two other 635s of Schneider and Strycek.
It was difficult to choose the right tires for the race; the track was wet with a small drizzle. Some gabled on full wets, others on hand-cut slicks.
The race wasn’t very exciting; Stuck lead all the way until two laps to the end, when he lost a wheel. Grohs took over and won. The Rovers ran into troubles with worn-down tires and power loss. Schneider, Strycek and von Bayern (all BMW 635) finished behind Grohs, and then came Fritsche in his old Kadett - the car that had seen quite some disqualifications in the past.
A low-key start - but perhaps the series would grow.

Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1   1 Vogelsang Automobile GmbH
BMW 635 CSi
Harald Grohs, D
3475 L6   24 laps, 48.54,51 4 1.50,58 1.59,74  
2     Auto Budde Racing Team
BMW 635 CSi
Udo Schneider, D
3475 L6   24 laps, 49.20,09 5 1.50,62    
3   23 Gubin-Sport
BMW 635 CSi
Volker Strycek, D
3475 L6   24 laps, 49.30,08 6 1.51,05    
4   7 Team Warsteiner
BMW 635 CSi
Leopold von Bayern, D
3475 L6   24 laps, 49.33,84 10 1.53,89    
5   49 Mantzel Opel Tuning
Opel Kadett GT/E
Jürgen Fritsche, D
1979 L4   24 laps, 49.42,28        
6   3 Austin Rover Deutschland
Rover Vitesse
Jörg van Ommen, D
3532 V8   24 laps, 49.47,22 1 1.48,21    
7   2 Austin Rover Deutschland
Rover Vitesse
Olaf Manthey, D
3532 V8   24 laps, 49.47,94 3 1.49,90    
8   67 Linder Rennsport
BMW 323i
Winfried Vogt, D
2330 L6   24 laps, 49.57,95 7 1.51,31    
9   47 Mich Opel Tuning
Opel Manta GT/E
Karl-Heinz Schäfer, D
1979 L4   24 laps, 50.04,59 9 1.53,75    
10   15 Marko RSM
Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV/6
Peter Oberndorfer, D
2491 V6   24 laps, 50.05,26        
11   5 Fischhaber-Racing
Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV/6
Frank Jelinski, D
2491 V6   24 laps, 50.29,26 14 1.56,12    
12   37  
Ford Capri III 3.0S
Richard Friedrich Jr, D
2993 V6   24 laps, 50.56,53        
Audi 80 GLE
Matthias Arlt, D
1596 L4   23        
14   29 Renngemeinschaft Bergisch Gladbach
BMW 528i
Werner Felder, D
2799 L6   23        
15   6 Vogelsang Automobile GmbH
BMW 635 CSi
Hans-Joachim Stuck, D
3475 L6   22 2 1.49,35    
16   25  
Peter Uhlenhaut, D
1596 L4   22        
17   68 Autohaus Wollstadt Racing Team
BMW 323i
Johannes Wollstadt, D
2330 L6   22        
Ford Capri III 3.0S
Fred Räker, D
2993 V6   18        
Ford Capri III 3.0S
Karl-Heinz Brinkmann, D
2993 V6   18        
DNF   17 Müller-Bräu Team
BMW 635 CSi
Fritz Müller, D
3475 L6   5 8 1.52,93    
BMW 635 CSi
Peter Elgaard, DK
3475 L6   5        
BMW 323i
Martin Wagenstetter, D
2330 L6   4        
Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV/6
Jörg Chmiela, D
2491 V6   2        
Opel Manta GT/E
Karl-Heinz Barthelmess, D
1979 L4   1        
DNF   25 ABR Ringhausen Rennsport
Ford Mustang 5.0 GT
Manfred Trint, D
4999 V8   1 24     Started from pitlane, retired (electrics)
DNS   77 American Car Service
Chevrolet Camaro Z28
Peter John, D
5736 V8           Engine not ready
DNS     Fischhaber-Racing
Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV/6
Toni Fischhaber, D
2491 V6           Engine