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1983 Nogaro 2 
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AvD Grosser Preis von Deutschland

Hockenheim Motodrom, BRD

Date: 6/8/1983
Track length: 6.797 m
Entries accepted:

Pole position: Beltoise in 2.25,815
Fastest lap: Ragnotti in 2,39,016 = 153,878 kmh

Distance: 14 laps
Average speed: 151,2 kmh
Weather: Rain
Ruleset: France Production
Car info: 1983 Cars


The entry for this prestigious round was a bit disappointing, the French currency restrictions playing a major part in this. And there was the rain, which made the race a little boring.
The new Turbo Peugeot for Beltoise was just too fast for the rest, clocking pole with nearly a second in hand, most unusual for this championship. But behind him, there still was some action, like the battle for second between Heyer in his Camaro and Ragnotti in the little Renault. After a while, Ragnotti was able to pass and disappear into the distance - for two laps, as far as the Ostkurve, where he overcooked things and crashed.
Then there was Malcher, who drove into the 528i of team mate Giroix, only to have him on his tail a few laps later. Giroix passed again, but then the son of the Garage Du Bac owner slowed in the last lap to let Malcher by - he needed the points.
But a look at the final 1983 standings show no Giroix at all - as guest driver he wouldn’t have taken away any points whatsoever...

Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1   7 Peugeot Concessionares
Peugeot 505 Turbo
Jean-Pierre Beltoise, F
2160 tc L4 Production 14 laps, 37.45,21 1 2.25,815    
2   144  
Chevrolet Camaro Z28
Hans Heyer, D
5736 V8 Production 14 laps, 38.06,89 4 2.28,905   no points
3   3 SRS Sodemo Marlboro Castrol
Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV/6
Dany Snobeck, F
2491 V6 Production 14 laps, 38.10,44 3 2.28,255    
4   1 Rover Marlboro Castrol
Rover Vitesse
René Metge, F
3532 V8 Production 14 laps, 38.26,63 8 2.31,153    
5   2 Garage Du Bac Motul
BMW 635 CSi
Jean-Pierre Malcher, F
3475 L6 Production 14 laps, 38.36,44 6 2.29,825    
6   37 Garage Du Bac Motul
BMW 528i
Fabien Giroix, F
2799 L6 Production 14 laps, 38.36,86       no points, 3.5 engine?
7   39 JMS Racing Marlboro Castrol
BMW 635 CSi
Claude Ballot-Léna, F
3475 L6 Production 14 laps, 38.59,04 9 2.31,178    
8   11 Bodard Race and Tuning
BMW 528i
Gérard Bleynie, F
2799 L6 Production          
9   18 Garage Halt’Up
BMW 528i
Philippe Gurdjian, F
2799 L6 Production          
10   9  
BMW 528i
Jean-Pierre Gabreau, F
2799 L6 Production   10 2.33,664    
11   14 SJA
Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV/6
Pierre De Thoisy, F
2491 V6 Production          
12   27 Bodard Race and Tuning
BMW 635 CSi
Anny-Charlotte Verney, F
3475 L6 Production          
13   48 Almeras Frères
Porsche 924
Jacques Alméras, F
1984 L4 Production          
14   38 Almeras Frères
Porsche 924
Jean-Marie Alméras, F
1984 L4 Production          
DNF   6 Elf Calberson Renault
Renault R 5 Alpine Turbo
Jean Ragnotti, F
1397 tc L4 Production   7 2.30,968 2.39,016 Accident
DNF     JMS Racing Iso Roulements
BMW 635 CSi
Hans-Joachim Stuck, D
3475 L6 Production   5 2.29,526   Driveshaft
DNF   5 SRS Sodemo Marlboro Castrol
Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV/6
Alain Cudini, F
2491 V6 Production   2 2.26,751   Engine