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Nürburgring 24 hours

Nürburgring Nordschleife, BRD

Date: 4/10/1980 to: 5/10/1980
Track length: 22.835 m
Entries accepted:

Pole position:
Fastest lap:

Distance: 24 hours
Average speed: 129,567 kmh
Ruleset: Group 1B, Diesel, Renault 5
Car info: 1980 Cars


On his birthday, Klaus Ludwig missed his present; in the early morning, his Capri had to retire after a long lead. First, Ludwig lost a wheel and after repairs, Döring broke the crankshaft. Another retirement was Jack Brabham in an Audi 80; his engine expired.
The lead was taken over by the Escort RS of Selzer, Wolf and Schneider and they kept this right to the end, despite some small problems.

Overall result
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1 59 Ford Berkenkamp Racing
Ford Escort II RS 2000
Dieter Selzer, D
Wolfgang Wolf, D
Matthias Schneider, D
1993 L4 Group 1B 2000 137 laps, 24:08.41,51        
2 2 66 Mantzel + Kissling
Opel Kadett GT/E
Wolfgang Offermann, D
Winfried Esser, D
Wolf-Dieter Mantzel, D
1979 L4 Group 1B 2000          
3 3 39 Format Küchen
Ford Escort II RS 2000
Herbert Kummle, D
Karl Mauer, D
Winfried Vogt, D
1993 L4 Group 1B 2000          
4 4 37 Brauneiser Renntechnik
Ford Escort II RS 2000
Franz-Josef Bröhling, D
Peter Prang, D
Axel Felder, D
1993 L4 Group 1B 2000          
5 5 38 Brauneiser Renntechnik
Ford Escort II RS 2000
Axel Felder, D
Paul Hulverscheid, D
Franz-Josef Bröhling, D
1993 L4 Group 1B 2000          
  1 9 Gilden-Kölsch Racing Team Köln
Opel Monza 3.0E
Herbert Herler, D
Hans Weissgerber, D
Hanno Schumacher, D
2998 L6 Group 1B +2500          
  1 20 Abex Pagid Racing Team
Audi 80 5E
Peter Seikel, D
Willi Bergmeister, D
Hans-Joachim Nowak, D
2145 L5 Group 1B 2500          
  1 76 Abex Pagid Racing Team
Audi 80 GLE
Peter Seikel, D
Manfred Trint, D
Fred Rosterg, D
1588 L4 Group 1B 1600          
  1 104  
Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint
Bernd Gratze, D
Jürgen Kremerskothen, D
Harry Schulze, D
1286 B4 Group 1B 1300          
  1 141 AC Radevormwald “Team Fuffu”
Audi 50
Horst Scheidereiter, D
Franz Pfeiffer, D
Wolfgang Partenheimer, D
1093 L4 Group 1B 1150          
  1 165 Sieger Automobil Club
Autobianchi A112 Abarth
Horst Günter Benecke, D
Eckhard Schmidt, D
Ernst-Dieter Klotzeck, D
982 L4 Group 1B 1150          
  1 210 Manfred Jascheck Racing Team
Renault R 5 Alpine
Vögtlin, D
Reinders, D
1397 L4 Renault Cup          
  1 180  
VW Golf D
Jürgen Ilgner, D
Klaus Hofman, D
Graf Praschma, D
1471 L4 Diesel          
DNF   1 Eichberg Racing
Ford Capri III 3.0S
Klaus Ludwig, D
Klaus Niedzwiedz, D
Helmut Döring, D
2993 V6 Group 1B +2500         Crankshaft
DNF   74 Ecurie Goodyear
Audi 80
Jack Brabham, AUS
André Hardy, B
Alain Beauchef, L
1588 L4 Group 1B 1600         Engine