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ADAC Großer Preis der Tourenwagen

Nürburgring Nordschleife, BRD

Date: 8/7/1979
Track length: 22.835 m
Attendance: 20.000
Entries accepted: unknown
Starters: 80
Finishers: 30

Pole position: Finotto/Facetti in 8.34,0
Fastest lap: Giacomelli in 8.36,6 = 159,128 kmh

Distance: 4 hours
Average speed: unknown
Ruleset: Group 2/76
Car info: 1979 Cars


The ETCC dragged itself to the Grosser Preis der Tourenwagen; bored spectators and comments like “in 1973, Niki Lauda was 15 seconds a lap faster than they do nowadays”.
The BMW Italia car of Grano/Joosen/Giacomelli had a bad day; at first they lost time with their first stop, then vibrations at the front axle were wrongly interpreted as tire problems, and after a further stop it was discovered that a shock absorber had given up the ghost; by then, the car was hopelessly behind and would only finish fifth.
For the first time this year, Finotto and Facetti won a race after they got pole as well; second place went to the Luigi BMW of van Hove, Dieudonné and Xhenceval - had not van Hove driven the last stint, they might have won; from 30 seconds ahead they finished 30 seconds behind...
Zakspeed brought three cars to the Eifel but with had left their luck in Niederzissen; Niedzwiedz broke a conrod, the Heyer/Ertl car lost its rear axle and the third car was unable to match the speed of the Eggenberger BMW of Kelleners/Müller which finished third overall.
It became a sad day when a marshal died and two other people were injured while trying to put out a fire; he was hit by a spinning competitor.

Division 1-5
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1 5 Jolly Club Milano
Martino Finotto, I
Carlo Facetti, I
3196 L6 Div. 5 27 laps, 4:01.09,1 1 8.34,0    
2 2 3 Luigi Racing
Raymond Van Hove, B
Jean Xhenceval, B
Pierre Dieudonné, B
3196 L6 Div. 5 27 laps, 4:01.38 3 8.40,1    
3 1 28 Eggenberger Motorsport
BMW 320
Helmut Kelleners, D
Herbert Müller, CH
1990 L4 Div. 3 27 laps, 4:07.19 7      
4 2 27 D&W Zakspeed
Ford Escort II RS
Hans Soldeck, D
Jörg Denzel, D
Hans Heyer, D
1840 L4 Div. 3 27 laps, 4:09.35 9      
DSQ   19 Racing Corporation Vienna
BMW 530i
Heribert Werginz, A
Harald Neger, A
Roman Loibnegger, A
2985 L6 Div. 4 26 11     Unable to open the engine for inspection.
5 3 1 BMW Italia
Umberto Grano, I
Eddy Joosen, B
Bruno Giacomelli, I
3196 L6 Div. 5 26? 2 8.34,8 8.36,6  
6 1 91 MSC Langenfeld
Audi 80 GTE
Hans-Joachim Nowak, D
Willi Bergmeister, D
1596 L4 Div. 2 26 13      
7   4 Renngemeinschaft Martini Nürburgring
Karl-Heinz Becker, D
Michael Martini, D
Engel, D
3196 L6 Div. 5 26 5 8.54,2    
8   47 Kamei Autoextras
Opel Kadett GT/E
Otto Kälberer, D
Hans-Wilhelm Ridder, D
ca. 2000 L4 Div. 3 25        
9   22 Rallye Gemeinschaft Rosenheim
Opel Commodore GS/E
Toni Spiegelsberger, D
Hermann Tomczyk, D
2784 L6 Div. 4 25        
ca. 3000 L6 Div. 4          
Alfa Romeo
  4 Div. 1          
    113 Hörmann Fiat-Lancia-Motorsport
Fiat 128
Hans-Georg Ströter, D
Hans Josef Nettesheim, D
  L4 Div. 1          
      Hartge Motorsport
BMW 320
Markus Hotz, CH
Winfried Vogt, D
1990 L4 Div. 3   8      
DNF   76 The Akai Golf
Richard Lloyd, GB
Tom Walkinshaw, GB
1596 L4 Div. 2   16     Accident
DNF   11  
Mazda RX-5
David Palmer, GB
John Markey, GB
2 x 654 R2 Div. 4         Differential
DNF   68 Ronnie Scotts Club - Withersford Valprint
Ford Escort II RS
Pete King, GB
David da Costa, GB
Dave McPherson, GB
1840 L4 Div. 3   14     Con rod
DNF   31 Hartge Motorsport
BMW 320
Armin Hahne, D
Harald Grohs, D
1990 L4 Div. 3         Engine
DNF   118 úAMK CSSR National Car Club
Skoda 130 RS
Petr Samohyl, CS
Josef Michl, CS
1298 L4 Div. 1         Engine
DNF     Kilian Tuning
Audi 80 GTE
Fred Rosterg, D
Manfred Trint, D
1596 L4 Div. 2 27       Engine
DNF   29 Friedlin tuning/Cavallo Matras
BMW 320
Winfried Vogt, D
Manfred Winkelhock, D
1990 L4 Div. 3         Gearbox
DNF   25 D&W Zakspeed
Ford Escort II RS
Hans Heyer, D
Harald Ertl, A
1840 L4 Div. 3         Rear axle
DNF   26 D&W Zakspeed
Ford Escort II RS
Klaus Niedzwiedz, D
Siegfried Müller Jr, D
1840 L4 Div. 3 3       Con rod
DNF   2 Luigi Racing
Chevrolet Camaro Z28
Patrick Nève, B
Alain Peltier, B
  V8 Div. 5          
DNF   119 Bohemia Crystal Liberec
Skoda 130 RS
Bretislav Enge, CS
Zdenek Vojtech, CS
1298 L4 Div. 1         Accident
DNF   55 Autohaus Dieter Gleich
Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV
Frank Mayr, D
Manfred Mohr, D
1962 L4 Div. 3