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Monza 4 hours

Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, Italy

Date: 25/3/1979
Track length: 5.800 m
Attendance: unknown
Entries accepted: unknown
Starters: unknown
Finishers: unknown

Pole position: Giacomelli in 2.00,90
Fastest lap: Giacomelli in 2.16,6

Distance: 4 hours
Average speed: 144,295 kmh
Weather: Wet start, drying track
Ruleset: Group 2/76
Car info: 1979 Cars


Another year, and again essentially the same cars and drivers met at Monza. No Mercedes or Jaguar, and the Camaro which Luigi wanted to race for his brother in law Xhenceval was not ready yet. So we had the good old BMWs (Facetti/Finotto with the old Alpina car, Luigi for as long as needed and finally Grano who had his car rebuilt at Alpina) being chased by two Zakspeed Escorts, well financed this year so the whole season could be covered with young and promising drivers, helped by professionals as Mohr, Quester or Heyer.
In Monza it was Giacomelli, who had been fastest in practice, who learned the lesson that Pirelli had fine slicks, good enough for pole, but the rain tires left something to be desired - he spun and had trouble following Bergmeisters’ Audi. But both retired soon, and while Facetti had the same tire trouble the lead was fought out between the BMW of Xhenceval/Dieudonné and Heyer’s Escort. When the track dried up, the BMW could get rid of the black Escort and win the race, with the second Escort third overall - but only after the Eggenberger BMW 320 of Kelleners and Müller retired.

Division 1-5
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1 5 Luigi Racing
Jean Xhenceval, B
Pierre Dieudonné, B
Raymond Van Hove, B
3196 L6 Div. 5 100 laps, 4:01.11,3 3 2.04,38    
2 1 25 D&W Zakspeed
Ford Escort II RS
Hans Heyer, D
Siegfried Müller Jr, D
1840 L4 Div. 3 99 4      
3 2   D&W Zakspeed
Ford Escort II RS
Klaus Niedzwiedz, D
Walter Nussbaumer, CH
Hans Heyer, D
1840 L4 Div. 3 94 5      
4 1   Racing Corporation Vienna
BMW 530i
Harald Neger, A
Roman Loibnegger, A
(Heribert Werginz, A)
2985 L6 Div. 4 94 8 2.11,46    
5 3   Eggenberger Motorsport
BMW 320
Walter Brun, CH
Fritz Beutler, CH
Walter Beutler, CH
1998 L4 Div. 3 93        
6 1   TL Racing AB
VW Scirocco
Thomas Lindström, S
Bo Wiedesheim, S
1596 L4 Div. 2 93        
7 2   Kilian Tuning
Audi 80 GTE
Fred Rosterg, D
Manfred Trint, D
1596 L4 Div. 2 91 10      
8 4   Eggenberger Motorsport
BMW 320
Paul Geisser, CH
Marco Vanoli, CH
1998 L4 Div. 3 91        
9 5    
Ford Escort RS 2000
Giorgio Cipolli, I
Ercole Pini, I
1993 L4 Div. 3 89        
10 2   Rallye Gemeinschaft Rosenheim
Opel Commodore GS/E
Toni Spiegelsberger, D
Bernd Siller, D
2784 L6 Div. 4 88        
12 1    
Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint
Amerigo "Joe" Bigliazzi, I
Luca Cesarini, I
1299 B4 Div. 3 86        
      Eggenberger Motorsport
BMW 320
Dieter Kindlmann, D
Ludwig Linder, D
1998 L4 Div. 3   9      
VW Scirocco
Jörg Siegrist, CH
Drago Regvart, YU
1596 L4 Div. 2   11     Burnt piston
DNF     Jolly Club Milano
Martino Finotto, I
Carlo Facetti, I
3196 L6 Div. 5   2 2.02,61   Connecting rod
DNF     Eggenberger Motorsport
BMW 320
Helmut Kelleners, D
Herbert Müller, CH
1998 L4 Div. 3   6 2.09,52   Clutch
DNF     MSC Langenfeld
Audi 80 GTE
Hans-Joachim Nowak, D
Willi Bergmeister, D
1596 L4 Div. 2   7     Ignition
DNF     BMW Italia
Umberto Grano, I
Eddy Joosen, B
Bruno Giacomelli, I
3196 L6 Div. 5   1 2.00,90 2.16.6 Accident
Skoda 130 RS
Zdenek Vojtech, CS
Bretislav Enge, CS
1298 L4 Div. 2