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29th Daily Express International Trophy

Silverstone, Northampton, Great-Britain

Date: 6/3/1977
Track length: 4.719 m
Entries accepted:

Pole position: Spice in 1.47,4
Fastest lap: Craft in 1.46,28 = 159,84 kmh

Distance: 20 laps
Average speed: 157,72 kmh
Ruleset: Group 1B
Car info: 1977 Cars


Chris Craft's legendary bad luck struck again in the first round of the Tricentrol British Touring Car Championship. After fighting a spirited battle with Gordon Spice's rival 3-litre Capri for most of the race's 20 laps, Craft at last seemed to be establishing the upper hand when, with barely ten miles to go, his Hammonds Sauce backed Capri jammed in top gear. As Craft coasted into the pits to retire, Spice sped on to take a slightly lucky victory with his Spectra and Piranha sponsored car. The other classes fell to Tony Dron's sick sounding works Dolomite Sprint, Peter Hilliard's almost unopposed 1600 Alfetta Coupe and Barrie Williams' Alfa GT Junior. Craft, Gerry Marshall (DTV Magnum) and Bernard Unett (Avenger 1300) all shattered their respective class lap records, in Unett's case by a massive 5,27s.

Touring Cars class A-D
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1   Gordon Spice Group
Ford Capri II 3.0S
Gordon Spice, GB
2993 V6 D 20 laps, 35.54,17 1 1.47,40    
2 (2)   Triplex
Ford Capri II 3.0S
Colin Vandervell, GB
2993 V6 D 20 laps, 36.00 6     Not entered in the championship on time - no points
3 3   British Leyland
Triumph Dolomite Sprint
Tony Dron, GB
1998 L4 C 20 laps, 36.24,06 4 1.47,55    
4 2   FabergĂ© Racing
Ford Capri II 3.0S
Stuart Graham, GB
2993 V6 D 20 8      
5 2   Allam Motor Services
Vauxhall Firenza Magnum 2300
Jeff Allam, GB
2279 L4 C 20 9      
6 3   Dealer Team Vauxhall Castrol
Vauxhall Firenza Magnum 2300
Gerry Marshall, GB
2279 L4 C 19? 5 1.48,4 1.47,11 Puncture
7 3    
Ford Capri II 3.0S
Stuart Patterson, GB
2993 V6 D 19        
8 4    
Mazda RX-2
Wendy Markey, GB
2 x 491 R2 C 19        
9 5   Mario Deliotti Ltd.
Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV
Derek Lawrence, GB
1962 L4 C 19        
  1   Napolina Alfa Romeo Dealer Team
Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT
Peter Hilliard, GB
1570 L4 B 18 laps, 36.43,67 (1)   2.00,24  
Richard Lloyd, GB
1588 L4 B 18 (2)      
  1   Marshall Wingfield
Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Junior
Barrie Williams, GB
1290 L4 A 18 laps, 36.28,55 (2) 2.00,69    
  2   Napolina Alfa Romeo Dealer Team
Alfa Romeo Alfasud Ti
Rex Greenslade, GB
1186 B4 A 18        
  3 67 Renault Elf
Renault R 5 TS
Brian Muir, AUS
1289 L4 A 18        
Renault R 5 TS
Susan Tucker-Peak, GB
1289 L4 A 18 (3) 2.00,73    
DNF     Hammonds Sauce Group
Ford Capri II 3.0S
Chris Craft, GB
2993 V6 D   3 1.47,43 1.46,28 Gearbox
DNF     Esso Uniflo
Ford Capri II 3.0S
Vince Woodman, GB
2993 V6 D   2 1.47,42   Piston
DNF     Linden Finance
Triumph Dolomite Sprint
Mike Wilds, GB
1998 L4 C   11     Crank shaft oil leak
DNF     Mopar
Chrysler Avenger 1300 GT
Bernard Unett, GB
1295 L4 A   (1) 1.57,76 1.58,09 Radiator fan
DNF     BMW racing with Castrol
BMW 530i US
Tom Walkinshaw, GB
2985 L6 D   7     Fuel pump
DNF     Chingford Boat Centre
Ford Capri II 3.0S
Freddie Jacks, GB
2993 V6 D   10     Accident
DNS     Samuri Racing with Bradshaw Hire Plant
Ford Capri II 3.0S
Win Percy, GB
2993 V6 D         Holed piston in Friday testing