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Estoril Troféu Europa Futuro

Autodromo do Estoril, Portugal

Date: 28/3/1976
Track length: 4.350 m
Entries accepted:
Starters: 21

Pole position: Moutinho/Santos?
Fastest lap:

Distance: 70 laps
Average speed:
Weather: Sunny
Ruleset: Group 1B/76
Car info: 1976 Cars


The Portuguese Pedro Cortez and Domingos Sa Nogueira won the first round of the Trophée de l’Avenir which took place in Estoril. The race was disappointing, since there were no entries from abroad. This was caused by the late publication of the regulations and the difficulties the Portuguese Automobile Club had in contacting foreign drivers involved, like Reine Wisell and his Camaro.
Therefore, the international interest in the race was zero, but in a way it was not useless for the championship since the winning Cortés-Sa Nogueira pair has plans to participate in all the races of the Trophy.

21 cars took part in the practice sessions, Moutinho-Santos fastest of the first but then in practice 2 the gearbox broke and they couldn’t start.

In the race, the lead changed a couple of times but in the end the Opel came out on top.

Overall result
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1 33  
Opel Commodore GS/E
Pedro Cortés, P
Domingos Sá Nogueira, P
2784 L6 +2000 70 laps 2?      
2 1 23  
Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV
Carlos Bello, P
Bernardo Sá Nogueira, P
1962 L4 2000 70 laps        
3 2 31  
Opel Commodore GS
Fernando Carvalho, P
Miguel Correia, P
2490 L6 +2000 70 laps        
4 1 8  
Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Junior
João Carlos Ferreira, P
Oliveira Simões, P
1290 L4 1300 68        
5 2?    
Opel Ascona
1897? L4 2000 68        
Audi 80 GTE
Anton Konrad, D
Hans-Joachim Nowak, D
1588 L4 1600          
Ford Capri 3000 GT
José Meireles, P
Aguiar Ramos, P
2993 V6 +2000          
    2 Volvo Portugal
Daf 66
Luís Pinto de Freitas, P
Camilio Figueiredo, P
1289? L4 1300          
DNF   29  
Opel Commodore GS/E
Clemente "Kiko" Ribeiro da Silva, P
Edgar Fortes, P
2784 L6 +2000         Gearbox
Opel Commodore GS/E
Joaquim Moutinho, P
Artur Santos, P
2784? L6 +2000   1?     Gearbox in practice