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200 Meilen von Nürnberg

Norisring, Nürnberg, BRD

Date: 29/6/1975
Track length: 2.300 m
Attendance: 60.000
Entries accepted: unknown
Starters: 12
Finishers: 9

Pole position: Hezemans in 0.56,9
Fastest lap: Hezemans in 0.56,5 = 147,85 kmh

Distance: 66 laps = 151,8 km
Average speed: 143,46 kmh
Ruleset: Group 4/71
Car info: 1975 Cars


As a support act to the prestigious DRM race, we had a GT race at the Norisring this time. Not all competitors would take on the DRM race (and vice-versa!) but many of them would be seen in the final.
The field consisted of 12 cars altogether; 11 Porsches and a 4-valve Lancia. In practice, Hezemans was fastest, then Fitzpatrick, Schickentanz, Schenken and Siewertsen, who finally showed something of the form which made him Dutch champion in 1974. The Lancia had shone only in wet practice, but in the dry both car and driver looked out of place.
The GT race was the first race on Sunday, and the order after the start was Hezemans, Fitzpatrick, Heyer (Vaillant Kremer-Carrera), Schickentanz and Haldi with his Toblerone car. Hezemans let Fitzpatrick through (the champion destined) and fended him off against Heyer. But Heyer spun, and switched off the mains unintended in the process. He was a lap down when he discovered his error.
Lap 15, and Schenken and Bertrams closed in on fourth-placed Siewertsen. Schenken came through, Bertrams not: a damaged rim and door forced him into the pits. He stormed out, and attacked Siewertsen too forceful - the Tebernum car was black flagged. Team-mate Schickentanz retired with engine problems as well, while Loos celebrated a 1-2-3. The Lancia arrived at the finish in last place with massive brake troubles despite the water cooling system.

Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1 1 Gelo Racing Team
Porsche Carrera RSR
John Fitzpatrick, GB
2994 B6   66 laps, 1:03.29,0 2 0.57,1    
2 2 2 Gelo Racing Team
Porsche Carrera RSR
Toine Hezemans, NL
2994 B6   66 laps, 1:03.29,3 1 0.56,9 0.56,5  
3 3 3 Gelo Racing Team
Porsche Carrera RSR
Tim Schenken, AUS
2994 B6   66 laps, 1:04.00,0        
4 4 9 Porsche Club Romand
Porsche Carrera RSR
Claude Haldi, CH
2994 B6   65        
5 5 4 Vaillant Kremer Team
Porsche Carrera RSR
Hans Heyer, D
2994 B6   65 3 0.57,1    
6 6 5 Wallys Jeans Kremer Racing
Porsche Carrera RSR
Cees Siewertsen, NL
2994 B6   64 5      
7 7 19  
Porsche Carrera RSR
Richard Leder, D
2994 B6   64        
8 8 15 Team Kubero Racing
Porsche Carrera RSR
Bengt Ekberg, S
2994 B6   63        
9 9 10 Lancia Marlboro
Lancia Stratos
Carlo Facetti, I
2418 V6   62 8      
    8 Tebernum Racing Team
Porsche Carrera RSR
Reine Wisell, S
2994 B6            
    16 Team Blå Racing
Porsche Carrera RSR
Kenneth Leim, S
2994 B6            
Porsche Carrera RSR
Eugen Kiemele, D
2994 B6            
DNF   6 Tebernum Racing Team
Porsche Carrera RSR
Clemens Schickentanz, D
2994 B6   55 4     Engine
DNF   7 Tebernum Racing Team
Porsche Carrera RSR
Hartwig Bertrams, D
2994 B6           Blackflagged (dangerous driving)