1975 Monza 6h 
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200 km Jarama

Jarama, Madrid, Spain

Date: 2/11/1975
Track length: 3.404 m
Attendance: unknown
Entries accepted: unknown
Starters: 8
Finishers: 6

Pole position: Hezemans in 1.32,90
Fastest lap: Jöst in 1.34,52

Distance: 60 laps, 204 km
Average speed:
Ruleset: Group 4/71
Car info: 1975 Cars


The last race of the 1975 season started with a bang: the Imola disqualification was final now, although another appeal was launched. Apart from the GT championship, this race was also important concerning the Porsche cup - but Haldi had already taken it, winning the Spain rally. Even so, second place was important as well, so we saw Jöst entering with Bertrams’ Tebernum car - the latter having his license suspended until mid 1976 after the clash with Siewertsen and subsequent unpleasant behaviour during the appeal.
Loos had already sold one car to Almeras - so he hired the Lässig Max Moritz car, at least the body - the rest was completed at the Porsche factory.
The Loos brigade dominated the race as was to be expected; the field of 8 cars (!) lost two of them in the race; Loos finished 1-2-3 and the designated champion was Schenken - it was thought, until it became clear that Bertrams had deserved 20 points in Monza - and since the appeal was lost, Bertrams was champion...

Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1 5 Gelo Racing Team
Porsche Carrera RSR
Tim Schenken, AUS
2994 B6   60 laps, 1:35.53,25 2 1.33,14    
2 2 4 Gelo Racing Team
Porsche Carrera RSR
Toine Hezemans, NL
2994 B6   60 laps, 1:35.53,59 1 1.32,90    
3 3 6 Gelo Racing Team
Porsche Carrera RSR
John Fitzpatrick, GB
2994 B6   60 laps, 1:35.53,89 3 1.33,54    
4 4   Porsche Club Romand
Porsche Carrera RSR
Claude Haldi, CH
2994 B6   60 laps, 1:35.53,89 5      
5 5   Tebernum Racing Team
Porsche Carrera RSR
Reinhold Jöst, D
2994 B6   59 6   1.34,52  
6 6    
Alpine A 110
Juan-C. Pradera, E
1800 L4   56 6      
DNF     Tebernum Racing Team
Porsche Carrera RSR
Clemens Schickentanz, D
2994 B6   23 4      
DNF     Haberthur
Porsche Carrera RSR
Egon Evertz, D
2994 B6     7     Camshaft