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Martha Grand National

Österreichring, Zeltweg, Austria

Date: 21/7/1974
Track length: 5.911 m
Entries accepted:

Pole position:
Fastest lap:

Distance: 12 hours
Average speed:
Ruleset: Group 2/70
Car info: 1974 Cars


The 12 hour race for Group 1 and 2 cars at Zeltweg was considered a great success. The fights took place in Group 1, but the overall honours went to Group 2 with Quester, Ertl and Rieder who covered 285 laps with their BMW 2002 Alpina. The Swiss Hollinger Hugentobler and Truninger finished second in their 1600 Alfa GT Junior.
Frontrunners Finotto and Facetti had to retire after three hours with a broken radiator, so that left the race to the Alpina BMW. Harald Neger’s BMW had been on fire, but more serious problems befell Ghislotti and Bassini; the first pitted with gearbox troubles while Bassini’s Alfa refused to start after a stop.
The Alpina car did not run troublefree either; first a stop for various problems, but at the 11th hour the car only fired on 2 cylinders. He was sent away hoping that the engine would last for another hour. It did, and despite Hollinger could regain some lost ground the Alpina 2002 won with 7 laps in hand.

Overall result
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1   BMW-Alpina
BMW 2002
Dieter Quester, A
Franz-Josef Rieder, D
Harald Ertl, A
1990 L4 Group 2 2000 285 laps        
2 1    
Alfa Romeo 1600 GT Junior
Ernst Hollinger, CH
Ernst Hugentobler, CH
1570 L4 Group 1 1600 278        
3 1    
BMW 2002
Harald Neger, A
1990 L4 Group 1 2000 274        
4 1    
BMW 3.0 Si
Gösta Pongratz, A
Roland Wieser, A
Ernst Peischl, A
2985 L6 Group 1 +2000 273        
5 2    
Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV
Pezzoli, I
? Franco Furlanetto, I
Maurizio Possumato, I
1962 L4 Group 1 2000 273        
6 2    
Opel Commodore GS/E
Fredy Toldo, CH
Ruedi Toldo, CH
Charly Blaser, CH
2784 L6 Group 1 +2000 271        
7 3    
Mazda RX-2
Ernst Hamberger, A
Hans Wurm, A
2 x 491 R2 Group 1 +2000 271        
8 2 32  
Alfa Romeo 2000 GTAm
Duilio Ghislotti, I
Giordano Perego, I
Giuseppe Confortola, I
1999 L4 Group 2 2000 270       Gearbox
Alfa Romeo
Gian Pietro Fusar Bassini, I
  L4   270       Starter
DNF     Jolly Club
Ford Escort RS 1600
Martino Finotto, I
Carlo Facetti, I
1996 L4 Group 2 2000         Radiator