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Austria-Trophäe Salzburgring

Salzburgring, Austria

Date: 21/4/1974
Track length: 4.255 m
Attendance: unknown
Entries accepted: unknown
Starters: 21
Finishers: unknown

Pole position: Stuck/Ickx in 1.17,14
Fastest lap: Stuck in 1.16,91 = 198,37 kmh

Distance: 4 hours
Average speed: 183,8 kmh
Weather: unknown
Ruleset: Group 2/70
Car info: 1974 Cars


The season would really start now with the first chapter of a new Ford versus BMW war. Shattered by the oil crisis maybe - but with new and improved cars.
BMW had not changed much apart from entering the new 24-valve engine (420 HP) in the engine bay, and opening the rear fenders for NACA cooling ducts. An ABS brake system was tested but not used here.
Ford, on the other hand, did have a busy winter. A new aero package, with splits in the front spoiler which could be opened or closed. A movable aerodynamic device maybe, with echos to the later DTM-Calibra. The rear spoiler would add much-wanted rear stability, and of course the compact Cosworth GAA engine with 24 valves and 410 HP. The colour scheme was changed too, since the Capri II with its softer lines had hit the market, so it should resemble the newer model a little.

So much for the main contenders (2 Capris against 1 BMW); help came for BMW from nine privateers with 2-valve engines; Ford did not really expect the Torredemer/Rossal 1972 Capri to play any role, but supplied a 330 HP 1973 engine anyway. Their main support would come from Division 1, in which the two Zakspeed Escorts would probably trash the BMW opposition, even when the new GS car with Basche/Koinigg was only 1/10th slower in practice. New was that two Porsche Carrera’s could take part, not for points of course but to add some spice to the field.

Stuck was fastest in practice, followed by the Capris and an outsider in the form of the SCA Freight Camaro of Gardner/Muir.

After the start, when the works trio led, Ertl (Alpina) repeated Hezemans ‘73 incident: a spinning car left him no other option that hitting the armco. When Betzler took over after a lengthy repair, a sheared wishbone sent the car into retirement. Ertl took over the Arm/Cocher car but a broken throttle slide meant another DNF. More troubles for BMW: an Alpina con rod in the GS 2002 sheared and holed the engine block, and the car crashed into the barriers on its own oil.

The top-3 stayed together until Hezemans came in early with a blocked throttle, which was repaired quickly but put him one lap behind. Lauda, smart as always, formed a train with Glemser on the long straights, putting the dark blue BMW 15 seconds in arrears.
But the tandem was over after the third hour. Hezemans retired, telling that his Capri now had a 2-cylinder AND a 4-cylinder engine - the crankshaft had broken, locking his rear wheels at full speed.

Since the other Capri had to pit, the BMW took an easy lead. It became even easier ten minutes before the end, when Mass’ engine died. Now the ex-works Mohr/Finotto BMW was second, Peltier/de Fierlant came third, division 1 winners Heyer/Kautz were fourth.
Performance-wise, Ford was now on par with BMW; reliability was another subject.

Division 1 and 2
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1 1 BMW Motorsport
Hans-Joachim Stuck, D
Jacky Ickx, B
3498 L6 Div. 2 180 laps, 4:00.00,44 1 1.17,14 1.16,91  
2 2 10 Jolly Club
Martino Finotto, I
Manfred Mohr, D
3498 L6 Div. 2 170 7 1.20,78    
3 3 9 Précision Liegeoise
Alain Peltier, B
Hughes de Fierlant, B
3498 L6 Div. 2 169 8 1.20,98    
-   36 Rallye Gemeinschaft Ulm
Porsche Carrera RSR
Eugen Kiemele, D
Eberhard Sindel, D
2994 B6 GT 169 12 1.22,30    
-   35 Stroh-Edelgebrände Racing
Porsche Carrera RSR
Hanno Maurer-Stroh, A
Werner Ausserhofer, A
2994 B6 GT 167 13 1.22,80    
4 1 23 Castrol Team Zakspeed RTL
Ford Escort RS 1600
Hans Heyer, D
Hartmut Kautz, D
1996 L4 Div. 1 163 14 1.23,46    
5 4 11 Escuderia Tibidabo
Ford Capri RS 2600
Francisco Torredemer, E
Luis Rosal, E
2999 V6 Div. 2 158 21 1.29,45    
6 5 6 BMW-Alpina
Sigmund Ogrodowcyk, D
Siegfried Müller Sr, D
3498 L6 Div. 2 151 10 1.21,56    
7 2 20 Team Schnitzer
BMW 2002
Wolfgang May, D
Sepp Manhalter, A
1990 L4 Div. 1 149 17 1.25,82    
8? 6? 17 Faltz-Alpina Essen
Cleef Werner ("Heinz Werner"), D
Karl-Heinz Tibor, D
3498 L6 Div. 2 121? 145? 20 1.28,76    
NC - 16  
Chevrolet Camaro
Robert Eberhard, D
Heinrich Keller, CH
7400 V8 Div. 2 106 22 no time    
DNF   31  
Ford Escort RS 1600
Karl-Heinz Leibold, D
Peter Hennige, D
1996 L4 Div. 1   18 1.25,92    
DNF   5 BMW-Alpina/Brun Motorsport
Peter Arm, CH
Cox Kocher, CH
Harald Ertl, A
3498 L6 Div. 2   11 1.21,60   Engine
DNF   4 BMW-Alpina
Harald Ertl, A
Thomas Betzler, D
3498 L6 Div. 2   6 1.20,10   Suspension
DNF   8 Team Schnitzer/Brun Motorsport
Walter Brun, CH
Urs Zondler, CH
3498 L6 Div. 2   5 1.19,40   Valve springs
DNF   15 Faltz-Alpina Essen
Ernst Kraus, D
Werner Schommers, D
3498 L6 Div. 2   9 1.21,53   Engine
DNF   7 SCA Freight Ltd.
Chevrolet Camaro Z28
Frank Gardner, AUS
Brian Muir, AUS
7000 V8 Div. 2   4 1.18,40   Differential
DNF 3? 22 Team Europa-Möbel GS BMW Tuning
BMW 2002
Dieter Basche, D
Helmut Koinigg, A
1990 L4 Div. 1   16 1.24,60   Engine
DNF   3 Ford Köln
Ford Capri RS 3100
Dieter Glemser, D
Toine Hezemans, NL
3412 V6 Div. 2 ca. 135 2 1.17,44   Crankshaft
DNF   2 Ford Köln
Ford Capri RS 3100
Jochen Mass, D
Niki Lauda, A
3412 V6 Div. 2 ca. 175 3 1.17,61   Engine
DNF   21 Team Schnitzer
BMW 2002
Bernd Siller, D
Bernd Herlitze, D
1990 L4 Div. 1   19 1.26,80   Engine
WDN   14 Team Schnitzer
Urs Zondler, CH
Peter Mattli, CH
3498 L6 Div. 2   15 1.23,82   Withdrawn after Zondler moved to #8
DNQ   24 BMW Rischer
BMW 2002
Franc Convalexius, A
1990 L4 Div. 1         Did not reach qualification limit
DNQ   30  
BMW 2002
Gustav Fischer, D
Anton Barth, D
1990 L4 Div. 1         Did not reach qualification limit
DNQ   32  
Opel Manta 19 SR
Franz Heine, D
Klaus Assmuth, D
2000 L4 Div. 1         Did not reach qualification limit
DNQ   26 HDS Racing Team
Alfa Romeo 1600 GT Junior
Hans Dieter Seitscheck, A
Gerhard Schlosser, A
1570 L4 Div. 1         Did not reach qualification limit
DNQ   27 HDS Racing Team
Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV
Kurt Vesely, A
Peter Benovic, A
1962 L4 Div. 1         Did not reach qualification limit
DNQ   25 ARBÖ St. Johann
Austin Mini Cooper S
Erich Foidl, A
Josef Schwaiger, A
1293 L4 Div. 1         Did not reach qualification limit

Remarks: Spanish TCC coefficient: 8,0