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9 Hour Kyalami

Kyalami, South-Africa

Date: 9/11/1974
Track length: 4.104 m
Attendance: 40.000
Entries accepted: 37
Starters: 26
Finishers: 11

Pole position:
Fastest lap:

Distance: 6 hours (!)
Average speed:
Weather: Both sunny and rain showers
Ruleset: Sportscars
Car info: 1974 Cars


The Kyalami race was shortened to 6 hours, following the energy crisis of nearly one year ago. It was the last head-to head confrontation between Ford and BMW in 1974 - there would be not many of them in 1975. Loos brought his Carrera’s too, to join the party. Matra and Gulf were in a different league, but the German trio had a fight of their own. The single Capri was to be driven by Mass and Hezemans, the BMW was shared between Peterson and - Jody Scheckter, who replaced Stuck, who had fallen victim of a political flu; he and Neerpasch had a little argument.

While the sports cars disappeared into the distance, the German trio had one of the most dramatic races this season. Initially, Mass took the lead followed by Peterson, but the first pit stop had drama - the cars were in at the same time, but Hezemans came back in after just one lap - on three wheels. After another wheel was added, Hezemans stormed away. The lead of BMW was lost when it came in with a defective fuel pump. Then, a shower forced the cars into the pits yet again. Peterson’s forceful drive ended against the back of a Porsche sportscar. But the Ford had new opponents: the Loos Porsches.

Fitzpatrick had passed the Capri in the rain, and was nearly two minutes in front. 40 minutes from the end, the track was dry and all cars went back to slicks. But then: an impressive drive by Mass; he went past Fitzpatrick, and won the inter-German event by some 30 seconds!

Sportscar Race
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
5 1 22 Ford Köln
Ford Capri RS 3100
Jochen Mass, D
Toine Hezemans, NL
3412 V6 T 215 16 1.27,35    
6 1 20 Polifac Racing Team
Porsche Carrera RSR
John Fitzpatrick, GB
Rolf Stommelen, D
Tim Schenken, AUS
(Georg Loos, D)
2994 B6 GT 214 19 1.29,58    
7 2 21 Polifac Racing Team
Porsche Carrera RSR
Rolf Stommelen, D
Tim Schenken, AUS
Wim Loos, NL
(John Fitzpatrick, GB)
2994 B6 GT 212 21 1.31,25    
9 2 27 Holiday Inn Racing
Mazda M12A
Angelo Giovannoni, ZA
Nols Niemann, ZA
    T 196 23 1.35,94    
DNF   23 BMW Motorsport
Ronnie Peterson, S
Jody Scheckter, ZA
(Sam Posey, USA)
3498 L6 T 141 17 1.27,88   Accident
DNF   30 Grosvenor Racing
Ford Cortina
Alain Lavoipierre, ZA
Ronnie van Rooyen, ZA
    ZA +2.0 80 27 1.42,96   Suspension
DNF   29 Porto Motors
Ford Capri Perana
Ken Critchfield, ZA
Barry Flowers, ZA
  V8 ZA +2.0 63 24 1.36,47   Misfire
DNF   33 Aqua Velva Racing
Ford Capri
Billy Maloney, ZA
Barrie Palm, ZA
    ZA +2.0   25 1.41,68    
DNQ   25  
De Tomaso Pantera
J. Rebocho, ANG
J. Pereira, ANG
5763 V8 GT          
DNQ   26  
Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV
R. van Noord, ZA
Roelof Fekken, ZA
1962 L4 ZA 2.0          
DNQ   28  
Ford Escort RS 1600
Harry Fekken, ZA
Lambert Fekken, ZA
  L4 T          
DNQ   31  
Alfa Romeo Alfetta
Arnold Chatz, ZA
Geoff Mortimer, ZA
  L4 ZA 2.0          
DNQ   32 Auto di Roma
Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV
Len Booyen, ZA
John Gibb, ZA
1962 L4 ZA 2.0          
DNQ   35  
Ford Capri
Tim Mackintosh, ZA
Gerald Vorster, ZA
    ZA +2.0          
DNQ   36  
Datsun 1200 GX
Hennie van der Linde, ZA
Sarel van der Merwe, ZA
  L4 ZA 1.6          
DNQ   37  
Ford Escort
Brian Cook, ZA
Paul Rowlings, ZA
  L4 ZA 1.6          
DNQ   38  
Ford Capri
Mike O'Sullivan, ZA
Johan Loots, ZA
    ZA +2.0