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8th International Singapore Grand Prix Touring Car Race

Thomson Road, Singapore

Date: 22/4/1973
Track length: 4.865 m
Entries accepted:

Pole position:
Fastest lap:

Distance: 25 laps (final)
Average speed:
Weather: Rain showers
Car info:  


A personal report from the third-place finisher William Lyou:

“In the Time Trials, I was the fastest in my class (up to 1300), my team mates were 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Heat 1 for cars up to 1300,
Since we got front row, I elected to control the race by leading and asking team mates to shut the doors for me to get away. We were shod with dry semi slicks, and during the long wait at the grid, the weather changed and threaten to rain. The race started, and I lead for a few laps, then the rain came and heavy it was. I remembered my tyres were spinning down the straights on 4th gear at 4000 rpm (90 kmh), and I had to look out through the driver's window and steer based on the edge of the road because the wipers could not cope! I was rounding the entry into Long Loop - a 80 degree left bend, and I came across one of my team mate's car - crashed against the telegraph pole, with the driver's side taking the impact - wrapping the pole. I drove by and 2 laps later, I noticed the Ambulance medics was attending to him. Next lap, I arrived as the ambulance was leaving and I nearly understeered into the medic vehicle! Sensing this to be the sign that it is too dangerous to continue, I decided to withdraw from the race.

Next day, I was not listed in the final race line up. On realising that the starting grid was not full, I appealed to race control to include my car. It was then on the grid, I realised Brian Foley had not finished his heat as well as Rod Collingwood. The three of us was shod with wet tyres, as the sky was dark and cloudy. Albert Poon in the other Alfa GTA was on dry, as with all the front row fast guys like Steve Millen (BMW 2002 TII) and Allan Moffat (Ford Escort 2000 BDA)

The 25 lap Finals
Race started in dry condition, Brian Foley charged through the pack, with the opening, I quickly followed. On reaching the first turn - Circus Hair Pin - we made up 15 places! Boy was it fun. By the 3rd lap, rain came in the back section of the track, but the straight was dry. After a few more laps, the Monsoon rain fell all over. While rounding the Range Hair Pin, I could see the pits was chocker blocked with cars streaming in for tyre change! Foley pulled away and disappeared, I was driving quickly but feeling lonely. Allan Moffat crashed at the Circus Hair Pin. I was not sure of my race position as my crew was confused by all the changes. No one caught up with me for the longest time until a noticed a high-beamed light car was catching up at the Straights, but I could keep the gap at the back end. The car eventually caught up, and I thought it was Poon or Millen, I slow down to first gear at the Devil's to allow him to pass safely. Then I realised it was not Poon nor Millen, but not sure whom. My signal crew gave me a $$ sign to indicate I am in the money, but no race information like remaining laps etc. Then the race suddenly came to an end. I was congratulated. When I asked what my finishing position was, I was told Overall THIRD. When I asked who finished 2nd? "ROD COLLINGWOOD" and Brian Foley- 1st.
Boy was I mad! I didn't know and gave up 2nd placing without a fight!

Anyway, Rod came to thank me, and I replied we will fight again in Penang GP. Guess what? I beat him by even lapping him! Revenge was sweet...”

Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1    
Alfa Romeo 2000 GTAm 16v
Brian Foley, AUS
1999 L4 2000          
2 2    
Ford Escort FVC
Rod Collingwood, NZ
1800 L4 2000          
3 1    
BMC Mini Cooper S
William Lyou, SGP
1293 L4 1300          
Alfa Romeo 2000 GTAm
Albert Poon, HK
1999 L4 2000          
BMW 2002 TII
Steve Millen, NZ
1990 L4 2000          
Ford Escort RS 1600
Allan Moffat, CDN
1996 L4 2000