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39. Marathon de la Route - Nürburgring 84 hours

Nürburgring Nord- und Südschleife, BRD

Date: 19/8/1969 to: 23/8/1969
Track length: 28.291 m
Attendance: unknown
Entries accepted: unknown
Starters: 64
Finishers: 19

Pole position: Palma/Fangio/Galbato
Fastest lap: unknown

Distance: 84 hours
Average speed: unknown
Weather: Stormy, rain, dry sometimes
Ruleset: unknown
Car info:  


A Japanese, European or Argentinean car? That was the question for this gruelling event with its strict rules.

This year, the rules were quite straightforward. No more average lap times; the covered distance would be the only thing which mattered. But, of course, there were the penalties. One lap penalty for each pit stop of over one minute. A pit stop of more than 15 minutes: disqualification. Maximum lap time allowed: 30 minutes.

The entry list was headed by three Argentine Torinos, driven by drivers from the same country, with the great Fangio in the pits, supported by Argentinean radio reporters. The IKA Torino was a licensed car, built by Renault with a Kaiser 6 inline engine of nearly four litres, developing 290 HP. The Pininfarina-designed car weighted 1350 kg, and thanks to its wide tires the car was raced as a group 6 prototype. Further we had Kauhsen’s semi-works Porsche, three private 911’s, Lancia Squadra Corse sent three Fuvias, and Mazda brought 3 Rotary coupés. Daf sent two group 2 55’s (55 HP) and a group 5 55 coupé (66 HP), more Dafs were in private hands. Ford of Germany entered one Capri 2300 GT, completed by two private Escorts. No works Mercedes here, but a private team of three 220 Diesel cars. BMW had a handful of private 2002’s, a 1600 TI and a 2500. We then had three Volvo’s, a Fiat 125S with a guy called Montezemolo (yes, that one), and finally a Triumph TR6, a Simca 1100 and a 1000 S, an Alfa Romeo 1300 Junior and a GS, a Lotus Elan, three Renault 8 Gordinis, a Matra, two Mini Coopers, a Peugeot 204 coupé, a Honda S800, a NSU TTS and a Rallye Kadett.

Initially, a Torino led, but Lancia took over, only to hand over the lead to a Torino again, but the tone of the reporters got less loud when on Friday morning the only surviving car had to be content with a position as an also-ran after he had to change an exhaust - which was forced by the Adenau Police; they threatened to cancel the race if not all cars had a proper exhaust system - which some cars had lost during the event.
The Japanese Mazda team had its share of troubles too, only one car of the three surviving. The Capri fared remarkably well, leading the field with only 24 hours to go. But then the head gasket blew.
Lancia too had a 1:3 score, but the remaining car was able to win the event, in front of a BMW and a Triumph TR6. The victory had been in danger when Lancia had to change an exhaust too; but with good preparation and Tony Fall’s craftsmanship, the exhaust was changed without penalty.

Touring cars, GTs and prototypes?
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1   38 Lancia Squadra Corse
Lancia Fulvia 1.6 HF
Harry Källström, S
Sergio Barbasio, I
Tony Fall, GB
1584 V4 GT 332/322 laps        
2   26 AC Mayen
BMW 2002
Wolfgang Scheider, D
G. Degen, D
1990 L4   319/318        
3   4  
Triumph TR6
Roger Barbara, F
Duvauchel, F
2498 L6 GT 315/315        
4   3 Escuderia Argentina
IKA Torino
Eduardo Copello, RA
Alberto Rodriguez-Larreta ("Larry"), RA
Oscar Mauricio Franco, RA
3950 L6 Prototype 334/315 3      
5   29 Mazda Racing Team
Mazda Familia R100 M10A coupé
Pierre-Yves Bertinchamps, B
Hughes de Fierlant, B
Roger Enever, GB
2 x 491 eq. 1964 R2   322/311        
6   15 AC Mayen
Porsche 911
Franz-Josef Rieder, D
Heinz Degen, D
Ferdi Bökmann, D
1991 B6   311/309        
7   21  
BMW 2002
Jans, L
Jean Bous, L
John Lagodny, L
1990 L4   305/303        
8   20 AC Mayen
BMW 2002
Walter Simonis, D
Horst Hoier, D
Heinz Vogl, D
1990 L4   304/302        
9   33 Scuderia Pinerolo
Fiat 125
Luca di Montezemolo, I
Cristiano Ratazzi, I
Pino Ceccato, I
1608 L4   300/300        
10   30 Firma Volvo Garnradt
Volvo 122 S
Georg Bialas, D
Hans Wängstre, S
Evert Christofferson, S
1778/1985 L4   299/299        
11   59 Van Doorne’s Automobiel Fabriek
Daf 55
Rob Slotemaker, NL
Rob Janssen, NL
Theo Koks, NL
1108 L4   294/294        
12   48  
Renault R 8 Gordini
"Francois", F
Georges Heligouin, F
Leopold Nizet, B
1255 L4   299/294        
13   47 V-10 Kléber Team
Alfa Romeo Giulia Super
Manfred Gudladt, D
Bernhard Niehaus, D
? Peter Kuhlmann, D
1570 L4   297/292        
14   57 Van Doorne’s Automobiel Fabriek
Daf 55
Claude Laurent, F
Jacques Marché, F
1108 L4   290/290        
15   5 AC Mayen
BMW 2500
Günther Hennerici, D
Josef Traben, D
Ali? Schatz
2494 L6   299/282        
16   32 Firma Volvo Garnradt
Volvo 144
Willibald Graul, D
Walter Kerp, D
Klaus-Friederich Rund, D
1985 L4   294/282        
17   10 Écurie Azur
Mercedes 220 D
Claude Collignon, B
Yvan Derivière, B
Jean-Pierre "Pino" Ortmans, B
2197 L4 Prototype 280/280        
18   9 Écurie Azur
Mercedes 220 D
Guy Brunninghausen, B
Maurice Lenaif ("Alix"), B
Victor Trinon, B
2197 L4 Prototype 277/277        
19   56 Elan Racing Team
Daf 44
Raimund Raab, D
Baier, D
Binder, D
844 B2   259/259        
Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Junior
1290 L4            
BMC Mini Cooper S
1293 L4            
BMC Mini Cooper
BMC Mini Cooper
BMW 1600 TI
1600 L4            
DNF     Martini Team
BMW 2002
1990 L4            
DNF   58 Van Doorne’s Automobiel Fabriek
Daf 55 Coupé
Jean-Louis Haxhe, B
Philippe Toussaint, B
Charles Van Stalle ("Chavan"), B
1108 L4            
DSQ   61  
Daf 55
Govert de Jong, NL
Huub Vermeulen, NL
Rob Wiedenhoff, NL
1108 L4           DQ; pitstop too long
DNF     Datsun Belgium
Datsun 1600
1595 L4 Group 2          
DNF     Datsun Belgium
Datsun 1600
1595 L4 Group 5          
DNF     Datsun Belgium
Datsun 1600
1595 L4 ?          
DNF     Datsun Belgium
Datsun 1800
1815 L4            
Ford Escort 1100
1098 L4            
Honda S 800
791 L4            
Matra Djet 6
1255 L4            
DNF   27 Mazda Racing Team
Mazda Familia R100 M10A coupé
Yoshimi Katayama, J
Masami Katakura, J
Toshinori Takechi, J
2 x 491 eq. 1964 R2            
DNF   28 Mazda Racing Team
Mazda Familia R100 M10A coupé
Yves Deprez, B
Helmut Kelleners, D
Clive Baker, GB
2 x 491 eq. 1964 R2            
Simca 1100
1118 L4            
Simca 1000 S
1118 L4            
NSU 1000 TTS
996 L4            
Opel Rallye Kadett
1897? L4            
DNF   44  
Lotus Elan
A. Junguenet, F
1594 L4 GT          
Peugeot 204 coupé
1130 L4            
Porsche 911
1991 B6            
Porsche 911
1991 B6            
Renault R 8 Gordini
1255 L4            
Renault R 8 Gordini
1255 L4            
DNF     Firma Volvo Garnradt
Volvo 144
1985 L4            
DNF   39 Lancia Squadra Corse
Lancia Fulvia 1.6 HF
Innes Ireland, GB
Amilcare Ballestrieri, I
Alcide Paganelli, I
1584 V4 GT         Accident
DNF   7 Ford Deutschland
Ford Capri 2300 GT
Jean-Francois Piot, F
Tim Schenken, AUS
Dieter Glemser, D
2293 V6           Head Gasket
DNF   40 Lancia Squadra Corse
Lancia Fulvia 1.6 HF
Sandro Munari, I
Claudio Maglioli, I
Raffaele Pinto, I
1584 V4 GT         Brakes
Ford Escort TC
1594 L4           Accident
DNF   11 Willi Kauhsen
Porsche 911
Willi Kauhsen, D
Herbert Linge, D
Günther Steckkönig, D
1991 B6           Accident
BMC Mini Cooper S
1293? L4           Accident
DNF   8 Écurie Azur
Mercedes 220 D
Maurice Damseaux, B
E. Brel, B
Roland Pelgrims, B
2197 L4 Prototype         Accident
DNF   1 Escuderia Argentina
IKA Torino
Luis Di Palma, RA
Oscar “Cacho” Fangio, RA
Carmelo Galbato, RA
3950 L6 Prototype   1     Accident
DNF   2 Escuderia Argentina
IKA Torino
Gaston Perkins, RA
Eduardo Canedo, RA
Jorge Cupeiro, RA
3950 L6 Prototype   2     Accident

Remarks: Constructors' cup: Daf 1 lap penalty for each pitstop of over one minute duration (for each minute!)