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Grand Prix van Nederland

Zandvoort, Netherlands

Date: 23/6/1968
Track length: 4.195 m
Attendance: unknown
Entries accepted: unknown
Starters: 23

Pole position:
Fastest lap: Oskamp in 1.58,1

Distance: 12 laps
Average speed:
Weather: Rain
Ruleset: Group 5/68
Car info: 1968 Cars


As support act for the wet Grand Prix, an invitational touring car race was held. Practice removed two cars from the field; Van Beusekom’s Lancia was parked along the track at Tarzan corner, with no damage - until Jonker left the track at the same place, rolled and hit the Lancia.

Fastest in practice had been Slotemaker, with a considerably improved time compared to the Pinksterraces, while van der Sluis was the only one not to improve - might have something to do with his crash in the last race.

Koster had the best start, leading the field into Tarzan, van der Sluis second, Goedemans third (!) and Oskamp. But Slotemaker soon found the necessary speed and marched on to sixth (lap 2), fourth (lap 3) and finally first (lap 4). Lubin was the first to spin at Tarzan - and not the last: Akersloot spun there in lap 5, and van der Sluis, fighting with Slotemaker, even rolled the Porsche, raising questions about his practice time in the next race...

Now Oskamp followed Slotemaker, while Goedemans dropped back a little, while Swart was 6th in lap 10, in front of many much larger cars.
Lubin had pitted with a loose plug wire, Zwolsman (Anglia) had to come in for water and Dudok van Heel changed plugs. Zwolsman came in for a second time to repair his wiper, and Chiotakis lost his compressor power after lap 10. Another spin by Lubin, “Johnny Muller” spun even more often and now Oskamp was the fastest car on the track, and passed Slotemaker at Hunzerug. But the horsepower of the Mustang saved the day for Slotemaker.

Group 5
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1 91 Racing Team Algemeen Dagblad
Ford Mustang
Rob Slotemaker, NL
4728 V8 +2000 12 laps? 1 1.44,9    
2 1 59 SRT Holland
Austin Mini Cooper S
Hans Oskamp, NL
1293 L4 1300 12 laps? 7 1.49,5    
3?   46 SRT Holland
Fiat Abarth 1000 TC
Ab Goedemans, NL
982 L4 1000     1.50,1    
5?   22 Racing Team S.A.S.
Fiat Abarth 850 TC
Ed Swart, NL
847 L4 850   15 1.54,2    
CL   82  
BMW 2000 TI
Tim Calis Sr, NL
1990 L4 2000          
CL   61  
Ford Lotus Cortina
Wim Beers, NL
1594 L4 1600          
    93 Frami Racing Holland
Ford Mustang
Han Akersloot, NL
4728 V8 +2000     1.47,6    
    90 Racing Team Algemeen Dagblad
BMW 2002
Hans Koster, NL
1990 L4 2000   3 1.46,2    
Ford Lotus Cortina
Theo Schoonderbeek, NL
1594 L4 1600          
    72? SRT Holland
Alfa Romeo 1600 GTA-SA
Nico Chiotakis, NL
1570 s/c L4 +2000   2      
    75 Frami Racing Holland
Ford Cortina Mk 2 Lotus
Frans Lubin, NL
1594 L4 1600          
    60 SRT Holland
Morris Mini Cooper S
Freek Dudok van Heel, NL
1293 L4 1300          
    45 K&Z Racing Partnership
Ford Anglia
Rein Zwolsman, NL
997 L4 1000          
    70 SRT Holland
Alfa Romeo 1600 GTA
Bennie Woltering ("Johnny Muller"), NL
1570 L4 1600          
    38 Van Deimum Racing
Fiat Abarth 1000 TC
Ron Deinum, NL
982 L4 1000          
DNF   56  
Ford Anglia Super
Gerrit de Vries, NL
  L4 1300          
DNF   85 SRT Holland
Porsche 911 L
Bob van der Sluis, NL
1991 B6 2000   4? 1.46,4   Accident
DNS   97  
Lancia Fulvia
Toon van Beusekom, NL
1298 V4 1300         Accident in practice
DNS?   87 Racing Team S.A.S.
BMW 2002
Maarten Jonker, NL
1990 L4 2000         Accident in practice