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37. Marathon de la Route - Nürburgring 84 hours

Nürburgring Nord- und Südschleife, BRD

Date: 22/8/1967 to: 26/8/1967
Track length: 28.291 m
Attendance: unknown
Entries accepted: unknown
Starters: 43
Finishers: 13

Pole position: unknown
Fastest lap: unknown

Distance: 84 hours
Average speed: 117,8 kmh
Weather: unknown
Ruleset: Group 1-6, maximum 1000 cc per seat (!)
Car info:  


The third year of the Marathon saw some fast rear-engined cars; not only the works Tatra’s like last year, but Porsche too had an interest in the race - it should be a demonstration of the reliability of the new semiautomatic gearbox, the “sportomatic”. And another team of “automatic” cars were the Dutch DAF squad, trying to repeat their excellent performance of the year before.
At first, the Porsche 911R took the lead, but a lengthy repair dropped the car back in favour of another Porsche, the 911S Sportomatic, which finally retired on Friday evening - then the 911R took over.
A sad retirement was yet another Porsche of Berger/Meert; 49-year old Georges Berger left the road and was badly injured - few moments later the triple Tour de France winner died.

In the end, the Porsche 911R Sportomatic of Elford/Herrmann/Neerpasch won the event, with the Mini Cooper of Fall/Vernaeve and Hedges second and the Volvo of Christofferson/Wängstre third. Daf finished sixth, tenth and eleventh.

Touring cars and GTs
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1   14 Porsche System Engineering
Porsche 911 R Sportomatic
Hans Herrmann, D
Jochen Neerpasch, D
Vic Elford, GB
1991 B6 Group 6 350/323 laps        
2 1 39  
BMC Mini Cooper S 970
Julien Vernaeve, B
Tony Fall, GB
Andrew Hedges, GB
999 L4 Group 6 316/311        
3 2 17  
Volvo 122 S
Hans Wängstre, S
Evert Christofferson, S
1778 L4   316/311        
4   3/4/5 Tatra n.p. Koprivnice
Tatra 2-603 B5
Stanislav Hajdusek, CS
Alois Mark, CS
Adolf Vermirovsky, CS
2472 V8   306/268        
5   3/4/5 Tatra n.p. Koprivnice
Tatra 2-603 B5
Zdenek Cechmanek, CS
Josef Chovanec, CS
Pelucha, CS
2472 V8   306/268        
6 3 49 Écurie Barracuda
Daf 44
E. Brel, B
Georges Body, B
Didier Havaux, B
844 B2   270/265        
7   2 I.M.A.
Mercedes 230 S
Claude Collignon, B
Patrick Petre, B
? Jean-Pierre Demol, B
2306 L6   307/265        
8   21  
BMW 1600
Günther Hennerici, D
Bernd Scherer, D
Walter Simonis, D
1573 L4   310/264        
9   6  
Panhard 24 CT
Pierrat, F
Jean-Bernard Mermod, F
848 B2   268/255        
10   52 DAF
Daf 44
Claude Laurent, F
Jacques Marché, F
Jacky Coolen, F
844 B2   271/243        
11   51 DAF
Daf 44
Jean-Louis Haxhe, B
Ransy, B
Charles Van Stalle ("Chavan"), B
844 B2   274/242        
12   43  
NSU 1000 TTS
Peter Wisskirchen, D
Gerd Knözinger, D
996 L4   281/234        
13   48  
Fiat 850 coupé
van Dijk, NL
Symens, B
843 L4   262/221        
Renault R 8? Gordini
Charles Mombaerts, B
J. Carlier, B
1255? L4           23.8. 0:45~ Accident
Peugeot 204
Elie Staels, B
1130 L4           23.8. 12:30~ Accident
Daf 44
Simo Lampinen, SF
Jean-Jacques Thuner, CH
Rob Slotemaker, NL
844 B2           23.8. 21:00~ Transmission
VW 1300
Konrad Lammers, D
1285 B4           23.8. 21:40~ Clutch
Daf 44
Johannes Czernin, A
Philippe Toussaint, B
David van Lennep, NL
844 B2           23.8. 23:40~ Accident
Renault R 8? Gordini
Philippe Dambois, B
Henri Sonveau, B
André Crucifix, B
1255? L4           23.8. 23:45~ DQ (delay)
BMW Alpina
Robert Leysieffer, D
Willy Maus, D
  L4           23.8. 3:12~ Accident
Alpine A 110
Maurice Nussbaumer, F
Jean-Luc Thérier, F
  L4 GT         23.8. 3:20~ Accident
Porsche 911
? Eddie Meert, B
Georges "Jo" Berger, B
1991 B6           23.8. 4:00~ Fatal accident (Berger)
DNF     Ford Belgium
Ford Mustang
Jacky Ickx, B
"Pat" Gautot, B
Taf Gosselin, B
4728 V8           23.8. 4:07~ Rear axle
NSU 1000 TTS
Pierre Bonvoisin, B
Michel Hollebecq, B
Christian Delferier, B
996 L4           23.8. 4:30~ Broken shock
  L4 GT         23.8. 5:00~ Fuel pump
Renault R 8? Gordini
Peter Krause, D
Dominique Thiry, F
1255? L4           23.8. 9:00
DNF   20  
Alfa Romeo 1600 GTA
Yvette Fontaine, B
J.M. Heilman, B
Jean-Marie Jacquemin, B
1570 L4           24.8. 13:10~ Accident
DNF   3/4/5 Tatra n.p. Koprivnice
Tatra 2-603 B5
Bohuslav Stiborek, CS
2472 V8           24.8. 14:14~ DQ (delay)
Opel Rallye Kadett
Hans Beck, D
Herbert Heuser, D
1897 L4           24.8. 14:50~ DQ (delay)
DNF     Koga
Mazda 1000 Coupé
Jean-Marie Lagae, B
Nobuo Koga, J
Daniel Dezy, B
985 L4           24.8. 15:15~ Accident
Austin Mini Cooper S
? Terry Moss, GB
? Holman “Les” Blackburn, GB
Des Silverthone, GB
1293? L4           24.8. 23:30~ DQ (delay)
Opel Rallye Kadett
? Dany Wauters, B
Van Coillie
Chris Tuerlinx, B
1897 L4           24.8. 6:30~ Oil pressure
BMW 1600
Peter Ruby, D
Gerd Raschig, D
Albert Pfuhl, D
1573 L4           25.8. 1:30~ Accident
BMW 1600
Nicolas Koob, L
Georg Bialas, D
Kurt Pfnier, D
1573 L4           25.8. 14:30~ Gearbox
DNF     Porsche System Engineering
Porsche 911 S Sportomatic
Gerhard Koch, D
Hans Schuller, EAK
Terry Hunter, GB
1991 B6           25.8. 16:43~ Engine
Jans, L
Jean Bous, L
  L4           25.8. 2:00~ DQ (delay)
DNF     Porsche System Engineering
Porsche 911 S
Giorgio Pianta, I
Jean-Pierre Gaban, B
Noël Van Assche ("Pedro"), B
1991 B6           25.8. 2:10~ Accident
BMC Mini Cooper S 970
Alec Poole, IRL
Roger Enever, GB
Clive Baker, GB
999 L4 Group 6         25.8. 2:15~ Accident
NSU 1000 TTS
J.M. Pierson, B
Bachman, F
Elchardus, F
996 L4           25.8. 3:20~ Fuel pump
BMC Mini Cooper S
F. Marlair, B
Frédéric De Rosée, B
1293? L4           25.8. 5:30~ DQ (delay)
BMC Mini Cooper S
Dino Pizzinato, L
John Lagodny, L
Pierre Michels, L
1293? L4           25.8. 6:00~ DQ (delay)
DNF   47  
Honda S 800
Roland Pelgrims, B
? Francis Polak, B
791 L4 GT         26.8. 11:30~ Piston