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Archie Scott-Brown Memorial Trophy Meeting - Saloon Car Race

Snetterton, Great-Britain

Date: 8/4/1966
Track length: 4.361 m
Entries accepted:

Pole position: Clark in 1.54,6
Fastest lap: Brabham, Muir and Baillie in 1.54,2

Distance: 15 laps
Average speed: 135,71 kmh
Weather: Dry
Ruleset: Group 5
Car info: 1966 Cars


Jim Clark put his car on pole position with a very sideways 1.54,6  Jack Brabham was next on the list in the Alan Brown Mustang 0.2 seconds slower, Peter Arundell completing the front row with a time of 1.55,8 in the second works Lotus Cortina. Brian Muir was very impressive in the big Willment Galaxie, and managed a 1.56,2.  But the real show stopper was Chris Craft who motored with such purpose in the Superspeed 1200 Anglia: not only was he fastest in his class but also fifth quickest overall, with team-mate Mike Young not far behind. Mike Salmon practised the dark blue Mustang on the wrong axle ratio but still managed sixth place on the grid. In the 1000 cc class John Fitzpatrick and Peter Procter in the beautifully prepared Broadspeed Anglias were several seconds quicker than the Fraser Imps. Fuel starvation caused the supercharged Ford Falcons of Roy Pierpoint and Sir Gawaine Baillie much trouble and neither put in representative times for the cars obviously have great potential.

Jack Brabham made the best start in the fuel-injected Alan Brown Mustang pursued hard by Jim Clark in the works Lotus Cortina and Mike Salmon in a Cobra engined Mustang. On the second lap, much to Clark's disgust, Salmon rushed by and Brian Muir moved up in the 7-litre Galaxie to contest the issue as well. Meanwhile, Brabham had pulled out a useful couple of seconds by virtue of being uninvolved by the scrap behind him. At one third distance, Muir slipped the Galaxie inside Salmon at Russell to claim second place, having already passed Clark two laps previously. The next lap and Clark had passed Salmon, the latter having slowed appreciably due to failing brakes. From there on the first three positions remained unchanged until the finish. On the first lap, Roy Pierpoint had really charged through the field in his supercharged Falcon, but it had blown a head gasket, forcing his retirement. Sir Gawaine Baillie in a second Falcon came up steadily through the field to equal the new lap record set by Brabham and Muir of 1.54,2 and took fourth place overall.

In the 1300 cc class Chris Craft was having a ball and was even holding seventh place overall finally finishing sixth after Salmon had been black flagged for a loose exhaust system. Craft put a new lap record under his belt with a time of 1.56,6.  His team mate Mike Young was forced out after losing his oil when holding an unchallenged second place. The fastest 1300 Mini-Coopers were way behind, John Rhodes leading Tony Lanfranchi and Harry Ratcliffe across the line. Most of the race, John Fitzpatrick, in his Broadspeed 1000 cc Anglia, had diced with 1300 Minis but Ralph Broad slowed him down lest he got involved in any melee. Fitzpatrick also set a new lap record with a time of 2.01,2.  His team mate Peter Procter was slowed by a continual misfire originally thought to be plugs but later traced to a blocked carburettor jet. The Imps had an unhappy race, Nick Brittan blowing his engine and Bill McGovern suffering lack of oil pressure, the placed Rootes machine being Ray Calcutt's in third place in the small class behind Paul Webb's Anglia.

Class A-D
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1   Alan Brown
Ford Mustang
Jack Brabham, AUS
4728 V8 D 15 laps, 28.55,4 2 1.54,8 1.54,2  
2 2 101 Race Proved by Willment
Ford Galaxie
Brian Muir, AUS
6997 V8 D 15 laps, 28.58,8 4 1.56,2 1.54,4  
3 1 112 Team Lotus
Ford Lotus Cortina
Jim Clark, GB
1594 L4 C 15 laps, 29.00,0 1 1.54,6 1.54,2  
4 3   Gawaine Baillie
Ford Falcon Sprint
Gawaine Baillie, GB
4728 s/c V8 D 15 laps, 29.19,0     1.54,2  
5 2   Team Lotus
Ford Lotus Cortina
Peter Arundell, GB
1594 L4 C 15 laps, 29.26,0 3 1.55,8    
6 1   Superspeed Conversions Ltd.
Ford Anglia Super
Chris Craft, GB
1298 L4 B 15 laps, 29.44,6 5   1.56,6  
7 3   Race Proved by Willment
Ford Lotus Cortina
Tony Dean, GB
1594 L4 C 15 laps, 30.13,6        
  2   Cooper Car Co.
Austin Mini Cooper S
John Rhodes, GB
1293 L4 B 15 laps, 30.44,0        
  3   Alexander Engineering Co.
Morris Mini Cooper S
Tony Lanfranchi, GB
1293 L4 B 15 laps, 30.44,8        
  1   Team Broadspeed
Ford Anglia
John Fitzpatrick, GB
997 L4 A 15 laps, 30.46,0     2.01,2  
Ford Anglia
Paul Webb, GB
997 L4 A 14        
  3   Alan Fraser Racing Team
Hillman Imp
Ray Calcutt, GB
998 L4 A 14        
  4   Vitafoam Developments
Morris Mini Cooper S
Harry Ratcliffe, GB
1293 L4 B          
      Team Broadspeed
Ford Anglia
Peter Procter, GB
997 L4 A          
DNF?     Paul Emery
Hillman Imp
Bill McGovern, GB
998 L4 A 14       Oil pressure
DNF     Viscount Downe
Ford Mustang
Mike Salmon, GB
4728 V8 D   6     Blackflagged: exhaust
Ford Falcon Sprint
Roy Pierpoint, GB
4728 s/c V8 D         Head gasket
DNF     Alan Fraser Racing Team
Hillman Imp
Nick Brittan, GB
998 L4 A         Engine
DNF     Superspeed Conversions Ltd.
Ford Anglia Super
Mike Young, GB
1298 L4 B         Oil leak