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Peter England Trophy, GP support race

Brands Hatch International Circuit, Kent, Great-Britain

Date: 16/7/1966
Track length: 4.265 m
Entries accepted: 32

Pole position: Pierpoint in 1.51,2
Fastest lap: Pierpoint, Muir and Baillie in 1.51,6

Distance: 20 laps
Average speed: 135,84 kmh
Weather: Dry
Ruleset: Group 5
Car info: 1966 Cars


The saloon car practice times told of the close racing that was to follow in the Peter England Trophy. Sir Gawaine Baillie had been fastest on the first day in his supercharged Falcon but Roy Pierpoint had really got his foot down in the second session and the Weberized Falcon had pipped pole position with a lap in 1.51,2.  Sir John Whitmore and Jackie Ickx in works Lotus Cortinas fitted with fuel injection, and Jack Oliver in the Mustang (with discs on all four wheels) all got down to 1.52,2, to provide the opposition. All these times were comfortably better than the outright saloon car record which stood to Jimmy Clark, but of course his times were with the Group 2 Lotus Cortina.
At the start everybody got a little sideways and it was John Whitmore who made the best getaway, leading them all into Paddock. At the end of the first lap Whitmore still led but was hard pressed by the Falcons of Roy Pierpoint and Gawaine Baillie, both of which passed him on the way up to Hawthorne’s. Behind, all sideways, came Oliver in the DR Racing Mustang and Jackie Ickx who had passed Brian Muir in the 7-litre Galaxie on the inside of South Bank, to take fifth place. The 7-litre monster was being its usual handful, Muir being hampered as he had no brakes. Also in trouble was Mike Salmon in the Mustang. He should have started on the third row of the grid, but arrived late and started at the rear of the grid. He came up to 7th place by the fourth lap only to have a plug lead come loose.
Roy Pierpoint had now established a comfortable lead but second man Baillie had to battle with Whitmore initially, and later Oliver, when the Mustang succeeded in getting past the Lotus Cortina. The sight of Oliver and Whitmore pressing on had the crowd on their feet all round the circuit.
In the 1300 cc class John Young in the Superspeed Anglia (in eight place overall) was holding off John Rhodes fairly easily in the works Mini-Cooper S.  Young's team mate, Chris Craft, was eliminated early on by a locked limited slip which caused him to spin on the bottom straight. In the midget class the Fraser Imp of Bernard Unett was having a devil of a dice with John Fitzpatrick in the Broadspeed Anglia (now fitted with a five speed gearbox).  Anita Taylor in the other Broadspeed Anglia retired with handling troubles after completing lap 6.  On lap 10, exactly half distance, Unett Slipped by Fitz and Handley to take the class lead. This was the first time the Imps have ever headed the Anglias.
Still at the head of the field Roy Pierpoint continued to lead, with Oliver now in second place after passing Baillie on lap 8.  In the closing stages Gawaine Baillie had a real go to retake second place and very nearly did it, but Oliver got all sideways on the last lap and the Falcon had to back off to avoid contact. Pierpoint took the flag for his fourth successive win over the last few weekends. He was a full 6 seconds ahead of Oliver, Baillie and the 2-litre class winner, Whitmore, all three of which were separated by less than a second. John Young's Anglia easily won the 1300 cc class from the Mini-Cooper Ss of Rhodes and Gordon Spice. The real drama was in the 1000 cc class where Unett had led right up to the 18th lap when fuel surge caused by an almost empty tank had forced him to drop right back, letting Fitzpatrick go on to win yet again for Broadspeed.
Source: Autosport and Autocar

Class A-D
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1 93  
Ford Falcon Sprint
Roy Pierpoint, GB
4728 V8 D 20 laps, 37.40,4 1 1.51,2 1.51,6  
2 2 91 DR Racing
Ford Mustang
Jackie Oliver, GB
4728 V8 D 20 laps, 37.47,0 5 1.52,2    
3 3 94 Gawaine Baillie
Ford Falcon Sprint
Gawaine Baillie, GB
4728 s/c V8 D 20 laps, 37.47,2 2 1.51,8 1.51,6  
4 1 85 Team Lotus
Ford Lotus Cortina
John Whitmore, GB
1594 L4 C 20 laps, 37.48,0 3 1.52,2 1.52,0  
5 2 86 Team Lotus
Ford Lotus Cortina
Jacky Ickx, B
1594 L4 C 20 laps, 38.04,6 4 1.52,2    
6 4 95 Race Proved by Willment
Ford Galaxie
Brian Muir, AUS
6997 V8 D 20 laps, 39.06,0 9 1.54,0 1.51,6  
7 5 90 Alan Brown
Ford Mustang
Mike Salmon, GB
4728 V8 D 20 7     Too late: started last on the grid
8 1 77 Superspeed Conversions Ltd.
Ford Anglia Super
Mike Young, GB
1298 L4 B 20 laps, 39.20,8 11      
9 2 70 Cooper Car Co.
Austin Mini Cooper S
John Rhodes, GB
1293 L4 B 20 6 1.53,8    
10 3 72 Gordon Spice
Austin Mini Cooper S
Gordon Spice, GB
1293 L4 B 20 8 1.55,2    
11 1 61 Team Broadspeed
Ford Anglia
John Fitzpatrick, GB
997 L4 A 19 laps, 37.49,8 18      
12 4 71 Cooper Car Co.
Austin Mini Cooper S
John Handley, GB
1293 L4 B 19 17      
13 3 81 Vince Woodman
Ford Lotus Cortina
John Hine, GB
1594 L4 C 19 laps, 37.51,0 20      
14 5 80  
Morris Mini Cooper S
John D. Lewis, GB
1293 L4 B 19 24      
15 2 63 Alan Fraser Racing Team
Hillman Imp
Bernard Unett, GB
998 L4 A 19 laps, 38.05,6 19   1.57,8  
16 6 76 Equipe Arden
BMC Mini Cooper S
Steve Neal, GB
1293 L4 B 19 13      
17   75 Alexander Engineering Co.
Morris Mini Cooper S
Tony Lanfranchi, GB
1293 L4 B 19 10      
18 3 67 Roger Nathan
Hillman Imp
Roger Nathan, GB
998 L4 A 19 laps, 38.30,8 25      
19 4 66 Radbourne Racing
Fiat Abarth 1000 TC
Andrew Mylius, GB
982 L4 A 18 28      
20 8 73 Vitafoam
Morris Mini Cooper S
Harry Ratcliffe, GB
1293 L4 B 19 16      
21 5 65 Alan Fraser Racing Team
Hillman Imp
Nick Brittan, GB
998 L4 A 18 23      
22 4 83 Race Proved by Willment
Ford Lotus Cortina
Tony Dean, GB
1594 L4 C 18 21     Pit stop, fuel pump
23 9 79 Aylesbury Tuning
Ford Anglia Super
Phil de Banks, GB
1298 L4 B 18 32      
24 5 82 Autocadia Racing
Ford Lotus Cortina
Brian Newton, GB
1594 L4 C 18 26      
DNF   87 W. Bradley
Triumph 2000
Bill Bradley, GB
1998 L6 C 1 15      
DNF   64 Alan Fraser Racing Team
Hillman Imp
Ray Calcutt, GB
998 L4 A 6 22     Ignition
DNF   78 Superspeed
Ford Anglia Super
Chris Craft, GB
1298 L4 B 4 14     Locked differential
DNF   62 Team Broadspeed
Ford Anglia
Anita Taylor, GB
997 L4 A 5 27     Suspension
DNF   74 Higham Advertising
BMC Mini Cooper S
Ken Costello, GB
1293 L4 B 2 30     Overheating
DNS   60  
Ford Anglia
Paul Webb, GB
997 L4 A   29      
DNS   84  
Ford Lotus Cortina
Wim Beers, NL
1594 L4 C   31      
DNS   92 Rackham Motors
Ford Mustang
Ted Savory, GB
4728 V8 D   12