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Oulton Park International Spring Race Meeting

Oulton Park, Great Britain

Date: 3/4/1965
Track length: 4.443 m
Entries accepted:
Starters: 23
Finishers: 12 or 13

Pole position: Pierpoint in 1.57,2
Fastest lap: Pierpoint in 1.56,8

Distance: 19 laps
Average speed: 134,62 kmh
Weather: Dry
Ruleset: Group 2
Car info: 1965 Cars


There was a real bang and crash start, involving Pierpoint and Whitmore, with Sears being pushed almost off the track, and Gardner's Willment lotus Cortina being sandwiched between the Mustang and the Whitmore Cortina. After the clatter of metal had subsided the race was on, with three somewhat battered cars leading into Old Hall in the order of Pierpoint, Whitmore and Gardner; the unfortunate Sears parked on the grass with ignition failure.
The traffic jam sorted itself out, with Fitzpatrick leading the rest of the bunch comprising Baldet, Baillie, Rhodes, Ratcliffe and Middlehurst. Pierpoint came through with Whitmore and Gardner close behind, and the Maroon Broadspeed Mini of Fitzpatrick cheekily leading Baldet's fast Lotus Cortina. Michael Campbell-Cole's Mini Cooper S headed up the up to 1-litre section.

Pierpoint, Whitmore, Gardner, Baillie, Fitzpatrick, Baldet - that was the order for lap after lap. Savoury stopped with his Don Moore Mini at Knickerbrook and abandoned. Tony Lanfranchi pitted his Alexander Mini-Cooper S. Goodwin packed up with his Anglia at Old Hall, while Chris McLaren parked his Jaguar at Old Hall.

Gawaine Baillie was now getting the hang of his Mustang, and giving the ebullient Whitmore no peace whatsoever, taking the Lotus Cortina on the eighth lap for second place behind Pierpoint's similar car. Frank Gardner was also after Whitmore, while Baldet was duelling merrily with Fitzpatrick. Gardner pushed past Whitmore on lap 10, but next time round the Team lotus car was wallowing all over the place, and Whitmore parked it behind his team mate's abandoned car with a flat tyre.

Banks had taken over the lead in the tiddler class from Campbell-Cole, and behind Baldet came Ratcliffe (Mini Cooper S), Newman (Lotus Cortina) Middlehurst (Mini-Cooper S) and Neal (Mini Cooper S). Baillie closed within 1 1/2 seconds of Pierpoint, the two red Mustangs cantering along unchallenged, with Frank Gardner some 17 seconds adrift.

Near the end, the Fitzpatrick-Baldet battle ended with both drivers inverting their cars, the exit of the former giving the class victory to John Rhodes in the works Mini-Cooper S, followed by Harry Ratcliffe in the Vitafoam machine.

Cars were timed over the measured tenth, the fastest in each class being Pierpoint with 118 mph, Gardner with 112.4 mph, Neal with the Arden Mini Cooper with 111.4 mph and Phil de Banks (Sutton Mini-Cooper S) with 107.4 mph.

Source: Autosport

Class A-D
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1 89  
Ford Mustang
Roy Pierpoint, GB
4728 V8 D 19 laps, 37.37,6 1 1.57,2 1.55,8  
2 2 88 Gawaine Baillie
Ford Mustang
Gawaine Baillie, GB
4728 V8 D 19 laps, 37.38,0 4 1.58,4    
3 1 85 Race Proved by Willment
Ford Lotus Cortina
Frank Gardner, AUS
1594 L4 C 19 laps, 37.59,8 5 1.58,6 1.57,4  
4 1 69 Cooper Car Co.
Austin Mini Cooper S
John Rhodes, GB
1293 L4 B 19 laps, 38.34,0 8 1.59,4    
5 2 67 Vitafoam Developments
Morris Mini Cooper S
Harry Ratcliffe, GB
1293 L4 B 19 laps, 39.10,4 12 2.02,4    
6 2 82  
Ford Lotus Cortina
Jack Newman, GB
1594 L4 C 19 laps, 39.23,0 15 2.03,2    
7 3 78 J. Middlehurst & Sons
Morris Mini Cooper S
Phil Middlehurst, GB
1293 L4 B 19 laps, 39.24,4 10 2.02,0    
8 4 75 Equipe Arden
Austin Mini Cooper S
Steve Neal, GB
1293 L4 B 19 laps, 39.36,6 18 2.06,2    
9 3 81 Curtis Smith Racing Team
Ford Lotus Cortina
Robin Smith, GB
1594 L4 C 18 13 2.03,0    
10 1 64 Cooper Car Co.
Austin Mini Cooper S 970
Warwick Banks, GB
999 L4 A 18 laps, 38.16,8 20 2.06,4    
11 5 73 Alexander Engineering Co.
Morris Mini Cooper S
Tony Lanfranchi, GB
1293 L4 B 15? 16 2.03,8   Might have retired after a pit stop!
12 2 62 Don Moore
Austin Mini Cooper S 970
Mike Campbell-Cole, GB
999 L4 A 18 laps, 38.46,6 9 2.01,8    
13 3 65 Sutton of St Helens Autos
Morris Mini Cooper S 970
Phil de Banks, GB
999 L4 A 18 21 2.08,0    
DNF   77 Team Broadspeed
BMC Mini Cooper S
John Fitzpatrick, GB
1293 L4 B 16 7 1.59,2   Accident
DNF   80 Moto Baldet Racing Team
Ford Lotus Cortina
Andre Baldet, GB
1594 L4 C 16 11 2.02,2   Accident
DNF   66 Grosvenor Racing
Morris Mini Cooper S
Tony Rutt, GB
1293 L4 B 11 19 2.06,2    
DNF   84 Team Lotus
Ford Lotus Cortina
John Whitmore, GB
1594 L4 C 10 2 1.58,2   Puncture
DNF   72 Goodwin Engineering Racing Division
Ford Anglia Super
Laurie Goodwin, GB
1198 L4 B 6 25 no time    
DNF   86  
Jaguar Mk II 3.8
Chris McLaren, GB
3781 L6 D 4 14 2.03,2    
DNF   63 Don Moore
Morris Mini Cooper S 970
Ted Savory, GB
999 L4 A 4 22 2.09,4    
DNF   90 Dawnay Racing Organisation
Ford Mustang
Mike Salmon, GB
4728 V8 D 2 6 1.59,0    
DNF   61 Automobile Racing Drivers’ School Ltd
Austin Mini Cooper S 970
Anita Taylor, GB
999 L4 A 0? 23 2.09,6    
DNF   83 Team Lotus
Ford Lotus Cortina
Jack Sears, GB
1594 L4 C   3 1.58,2   Ignition
DNS   68 Don Moore
Morris Mini Cooper S
Chris Irwin, GB
1293 L4 B   17 2.04,0    
DNS   70 Cooper Car Co.
BMC Mini Cooper S
Paddy Hopkirk, IRL
1293 L4 B   (8) 2.00,8    
DNS   74 Alexander Engineering Co.
Austin Mini Cooper S
Mick Clare, GB
1293 L4 B   24 2.10,4