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5th Marlboro 12 hour

Marlboro Park Speedway, Upper Marlboro, Maryland, USA

Date: 15/8/1965
Track length: 2.734 m
Entries accepted: unknown
Starters: 33

Pole position: Stewart/Beckwith
Fastest lap:

Distance: 12 hours
Average speed:
Ruleset: FIA Group 1 and 2?
Car info:  


Sensationally, a single entry of a Alfa Romeo Giulia TI beat all works and semi works cars at the 1965 12 hour race. Ford’s star entry included Stewart, Pierpoint, Beckwith, Ickx and Trevor Taylor among others.
Plymouth looked strong too, qualifying in third spot in between the Cortinas.
Stewart retired early, handing the lead over to the fastest Barracuda of Netherton and Hutchinson - they kept the lead for nearly six hours. Then the rear axle broke, forcing the car into retirement. Its sister car had lost a lot of time earlier, and now the Alfa Romeo took on the fight with the remaining Cortinas. The latter suffered from an endless list of small problems, enabling the surprise victory for the Italian car. Saab again had a strong race and finished 3rd and 4th overall.

Touring cars
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1 98  
Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Super
Monty Winkler, USA
Pete Van der Vate, USA
1570 L4 B 375 laps        
2 2   Team Lotus
Ford Lotus Cortina
Paul Hawkins, AUS
Roy Pierpoint, GB
1594 L4 B 371        
3 1    
Saab 96
Chris Custer, USA
N. Folk
841 L3 D          
4 2    
Saab 96
Clyde Billing, USA
Hal Mayforth, USA
Matt Hunter
841 L3 D          
5 1    
Austin Mini Cooper S
Hugh Grammer, USA
Paul Hill, USA
Richard McDaniel, USA
1275? L4 C          
6 3    
Saab 96
Sam Perie
George Mershon
841 L3 D          
7 2    
VW 1300?
Jack Rabold, USA
Ray Tessier
1285? B4 C          
8 1    
Plymouth Barracuda
Nolan Sims
Ron Grable, USA
  V8? A          
9 4    
Ford Lotus Cortina
Trevor Taylor, GB
Jacky Ickx, B
1594 L4 B          
10 3    
Austin Mini Cooper S
Lars Giertz, USA
Charles Barns, USA
1275? L4 C          
11 2    
Chevrolet Corvair
Ed Costly, USA
Dave Bynum
Dave Pearl
  B6 A          
12 4    
Fiat Abarth 850 TC
Alfredo Cosentino, USA
Don Peterson, USA
847 L4 D          
13 5    
Saab 96
Ed Diehl, USA
Dick Deuter
Lynn Walker
841 L3 D          
14 4    
Renault R 8
Bob Tankbourine
Tim Stessey
  L4 C          
15 5    
Renault R 8
Tom Van Hoozier, USA
John Gordon, USA
  L4 C          
16 5    
Ford Lotus Cortina
Jake McLaughlin, USA
Pete Seistman
1594 L4 B          
17 6    
Saab 96
Harry Kitchener
Gunter Genatowski
841 L3 D          
18 6    
VW 1300?
Ludwig Psleter
Ted Butler
1285? B4 C          
19 7    
Austin Mini Cooper S
Roger West, USA
Dave Tallakson
Don Yenko, USA
1275? L4 C          
20 8    
Ford Anglia ?Super
Carson Baird, USA
Joe Hauser, USA
George Franklin, USA
1198? L4 C          
21 9    
Renault R 8
John Edmonds
Kirk Berkeley
Kenneth Sellers, USA
  L4 C          
22 10    
Austin Mini Cooper S
Ralph Williams
Jim Sutter, USA
Hollis Webster
1275? L4 C          
Ford Lotus Cortina
Allan Moffat, CDN
Bob Tullius, USA
1594 L4            
DNF   5  
Plymouth Barracuda
Peter Hutchinson, USA
Les Netherton, USA
  V8           Rear axle
Ford Mustang
Chevrolet Corvair
DNF   21 Team Lotus
Ford Lotus Cortina
Jackie Stewart, GB
Mike Beckwith, GB
1594 L4     1     Engine