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International Daily Mirror Trophy Meeting - Saloon Car Race

Snetterton, Great-Britain

Date: 14/3/1964
Track length: 4.361 m
Entries accepted: 29 and 4 reserves
Starters: 28

Pole position: Brabham
Fastest lap: Brabham in 1.55,0

Distance: 30 laps
Average speed: 128,82 kmh
Weather: Wet
Ruleset: Group 2
Car info: 1964 Cars


After a 15 minute delay, the race started at 2:15 p.m. in strong wind and blinding rain. Jack Sears in the Willment Galaxie led away with Jack Brabham in close attendance after a bad start in the Alan Brown Galaxie. Behind these came Arundell and Clark in the works lotus Cortinas. Clark held on to second place for three laps before Brabham pushed him back a place on lap 4.
First drama was the very rapid departure of John Sparrow's Jaguar 3.8 which hit the bank at Riches, but was able to continue somehow despite damaged bodywork. The wet weather was taking its toll and there was much excitement round the circuit with cars seldom ever pointing in the right direction. After leading for eight laps, Sears' Galaxie was unable to avoid the spinning Cooper of Tommy Weber. The Galaxie continued for a short time, but a damaged wheel forced its retirement. This let Brabham into the lead and Clark back into second place.
With Sears out of the running Brabham had it all his own way and went on to win some two minutes ahead of Jim Clark who brought his Cortina into second place overall to win the 2-litre class. Peter Arundell had to retire with engine troubles when well placed. Gawaine Baillie held fourth place behind Bob Olthoff's Willment Cortina until two laps from the end, when he moved up into third place behind Jim Clark.
The Mini battle, which waxed hot and strong as always, resulted in a 1-2 victory for the works Mini-Cooper Ss of John Fitzpatrick and Paddy Hopkirk. This win gave Fitzpatrick valuable points in the championship. Don Moore's Mini Cooper S was driven by Edward Lewis to third place.

(Source: Autosport)

Class A-D
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1 66 Alan Brown Racing Ltd
Ford Galaxie
Jack Brabham, AUS
6997 V8 D 30 laps, 1:00.56,4 1   1.55,0  
2 1 71 Team Lotus
Ford Lotus Cortina
Jim Clark, GB
1594 L4 B 30 laps, 1:03.03,0 4      
3 2 43 Gawaine Baillie
Ford Galaxie
Gawaine Baillie, GB
6997 V8 D 29 3      
4 2 77 John Willment Automobiles
Ford Lotus Cortina
Bob Olthoff, ZA
1594 L4 B 29 5      
5 3 76 John Willment Automobiles
Ford Lotus Cortina
Frank Gardner, AUS
1594 L4 B 29 10      
6 1 86 Cooper Car Co.
Morris Mini Cooper S
John Fitzpatrick, GB
1100 L4 A 29 16      
  1 67 John Sparrow
Jaguar Mk II 3.8
John Sparrow, GB
3781 L6 C   9      
  2 87 Cooper Car Co.
Austin Mini Cooper S
Paddy Hopkirk, IRL
1100 L4 A   14   2.03,6  
  3 92 Don Moore
Morris Mini Cooper S
Edward Lewis, GB
1071 L4 A   15      
Ford Lotus Cortina
David Haynes, GB
1594 L4 B   11      
Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Super
Mick Cave, GB
1570 L4 B   13      
Ford Lotus Cortina
Chris Craft, GB
1594 L4 B   7      
    78 McKechnie Racing
Ford Lotus Cortina
Trevor Fowler, GB
1594 L4 B   8      
    79 Moto Baldet Racing Team
Ford Lotus Cortina
Andre Baldet, GB
1594 L4 B   25      
Morris Mini Cooper S
William Kelly, GB
1071 L4 A   26      
    81 John Aley
Morris Mini Cooper S
John Thurston, GB
1071 L4 A   23      
    82 Team Broadspeed
Morris Mini Cooper S
Ralph Broad, GB
1071 L4 A   18      
    83 Team Broadspeed
Morris Mini Cooper S
John Handley, GB
1071 L4 A   17      
Austin Mini Cooper S
Graham Burrows, GB
1100 L4 A   28      
    88 Superspeed Conversions Ltd.
Ford Anglia Super
Mike Young, GB
1198 L4 A   12      
Riley Elf
Phil Morris, GB
998 L4 A   27      
    90 J. Middlehurst & Sons
Austin Mini Cooper S
Phil Middlehurst, GB
1100 L4 A   20      
    94 Alexander Engineering Co.
Morris Mini Cooper S
Elizabeth Jones, GB
1071 L4 A   24      
    95 Alexander Engineering Co.
Morris Mini Cooper S
Mick Clare, GB
1071 L4 A   22      
DNF   68 John Willment Automobiles
Ford Galaxie
Jack Sears, GB
6997 V8 D   2     Accident
DNF   70 Team Lotus
Ford Lotus Cortina
Peter Arundell, GB
1594 L4 B   6   2.01,2 Engine
DNF   96 Alexander Engineering Co.
Morris Mini Cooper S
Tommy Weber, GB
1071 L4 A   19     Accident