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British GP Support Race - Molyslip Trophy

Brands Hatch International Circuit, Kent, Great-Britain

Date: 11/7/1964
Track length: 4.265 m
Entries accepted: 20 + 6 reserves
Starters: 22
Finishers: 17

Pole position: Sears in 1.56,6
Fastest lap: Stewart in 1.55,6

Distance: 20 laps
Average speed: 131,56 kmh
Weather: dry
Ruleset: Group 2
Car info: 1964 Cars


Practising on Thursday brought the usual excitements. The Willment team Lotus Cortinas were on top with Jack Sears and Bob Olthoff recording 1.56,4 seconds and 1.57,4 respectively, the latter’s time being equalled by the top Team Lotus entry - Jackie Stewart driving. As mike Spence was deputising for the injured Peter Arundell in the Grand Prix, his car was tried by David Hobbs, who recorded a fine 1.57,6 seconds. Spence also had a go, doing 1.59,2 seconds. Best of the 1300 cc division were the works Mini Cooper Ss of Paddy Hopkirk and John Fitzpatrick, both the little bombs being hustled around in 2.00,6. Ralph Broad went off course in one of the Broadspeed entries, but escaped injury.

Friday brought more drama. Jack Sears improved to 1.55,8 in the Willment Lotus Cortina, beating Jackie Stewart and John Whitmore (who had been finally chosen for the second Team Lotus entry) by 0,4 and 0,8 seconds respectively. Club driver Roger Swanton really went to town and impressed with a 1.56,8 , while Chris Craft abandoned his lotus Cortina to circulate a Superspeed Anglia in 1.59,2 , this time being equalled in the 1300 cc class by team-mate Mike Young.

Light rain fell as the 22 starters left the grid, and this was soon reduced to 21 as Chris Craft's clutch went at the start, his Anglia - fastest in its class in practice - crawling as far as the bottom of Paddock. At the end of the first lap it was Whitmore, Stewart, Sears, Olthoff, Swanton - just like that - with Nicholson and Haynes some way behind and then the always struggling "Mini" class with interloper Mike Young (Anglia) well up with them. The order among the Cortinas remained static, although the first five were fairly close, while John Fitzpatrick soon came through to establish himself at the head of the 1300 cc onslaught, with Ralph Broad and Timo Mäkinen - representing the Broadspeed and Don Moore tuning establishments respectively - locked in combat behind.

Ralph Broad had to visit the pits, being black flagged for trailing a loose front bumper - evidence of his duel with Mäkinen! Then, as the leaders completed four laps, Bob Olthoff halted suddenly when a half shaft went.

Olthoff's departure left the order Whitmore, Stewart, Sears and Swanton, the last named now having dropped back from the leading trio. Fitzpatrick and Mäkinen had the 1300 cc division sewn up, but a terrifying struggle for third went on between Hopkirk, Handley, Slotemaker and Young.

Jackie Stewart upset the status quo by going wide leaving Clearways on the 18th lap; he recovered, found himself heading for the pits, recovered once more, and continued motor racing - but now in third place behind Sears. The Scotsman, however, had the satisfaction of making fastest lap (a class record) of 1.55,6.

And so the race finished, with Whitmore leading Sears and Stewart across the line, Swanton finishing a lonely fourth and Nicholson holding off Haynes for fifth position. Fitzpatrick had the satisfaction of dominating what is usually a needle match - the 1300 cc class - and of recording the new class lap record of 1.59,8 , on several occasions; this was also equalled by Rob Slotemaker. Incidentally the Dutchman's Downton Mini lost a wheel on the slowing down lap!

Source: Autosport

Class A-D
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1 68 Team Lotus
Ford Lotus Cortina
John Whitmore, GB
1594 L4 B 20 laps, 38.53,8 3 1.56,6    
2 2 66 John Willment Automobiles
Ford Lotus Cortina
Jack Sears, GB
1594 L4 B 20 1 1.55,8    
3 3 69 Team Lotus
Ford Lotus Cortina
Jackie Stewart, GB
1594 L4 B 20 2 1.56,2 1.55,6  
4 4 63 Moonraker Racing
Ford Lotus Cortina
Roger Swanton, GB
1594 L4 B 20 4 1.56,8    
5 5 65 Farnborough Racing Enterprises
Ford Lotus Cortina
John Nicholson, GB
1594 L4 B 20 9      
6 6 64  
Ford Lotus Cortina
David Haynes, GB
1594 L4 B 20 6      
7 1 73 Cooper Car Co.
Morris Mini Cooper S
John Fitzpatrick, GB
1293 L4 A 20 laps, 40.14,6 11   1.59,8  
8 2 71 Don Moore
Morris Mini Cooper S
Timo Mäkinen, SF
1293 L4 A 20 14      
9 3 75 Downton Engineering Ltd.
Morris Mini Cooper S
Rob Slotemaker, NL
1293 L4 A 20 15   1.59,8  
10 4 79 Superspeed Conversions Ltd.
Ford Anglia Super
Mike Young, GB
1198 L4 A 20 8 1.59,2    
11 7 82 John Coundley Racing Partnership
Ford Lotus Cortina
John Coundley, GB
1594 L4 B 20 22      
12 5 74 Cooper Car Co.
Austin Mini Cooper S
Paddy Hopkirk, IRL
1293 L4 A 20 12      
13 6 70 Don Moore
Morris Mini Cooper S
Peter Clarke, GB
1293 L4 A 19 19      
14 7 77 Aurora Gear Racing
Austin Mini Cooper S
Anita Taylor, GB
1293 L4 A 19 18      
15 8 76 Team Broadspeed
Austin Mini Cooper S
Ralph Broad, GB
1293 L4 A 19 13      
16 9 86 G.D. White
Morris Mini Cooper S
David Dunnell
1071 L4 A 18 21      
17 10 80 Grosvenor Racing
Morris Mini Cooper S
Tony Rutt, GB
1071 L4 A 18 20      
DNF   83  
Austin Mini Cooper S
Ken Costello, GB
1293 L4 A 9 16      
DNF   84 J. Middlehurst & Sons
Morris Mini Cooper S
Phil Middlehurst, GB
1293 L4 A 7 17      
DNF   72 Team Broadspeed
Morris Mini Cooper S
John Handley, GB
1293 L4 A 15 10      
DNF   78 Superspeed Conversions Ltd.
Ford Anglia Super
Chris Craft, GB
1198 L4 A   7 1.59,2   Clutch
DNF   67 John Willment Automobiles
Ford Lotus Cortina
Bob Olthoff, ZA
1594 L4 B 4 5     Half shaft
DNS   61  
Ford Lotus Cortina
Chris Craft, GB
1594 L4 B          
DNS   62 McKechnie Racing
Ford Lotus Cortina
Trevor Fowler, GB
1594 L4 B          
DNS   81 British Zagato Ltd
Lancia Flavia 1800 coupé
Peter Sadler
1800 B4 B          
DNS   85 Alexander Engineering Co.
Morris Mini Cooper S
Elizabeth Jones, GB
1293 L4 A