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7th Annual Little Le Mans 4-hour Endurance Race

Lime Rock Park, Lime Rock, Connecticut, USA

Date: 6/7/1963
Track length: 2.462 m
Entries accepted:
Starters: 21

Pole position:
Fastest lap:

Distance: 4 hours
Average speed:
Ruleset: “Sedans”
Car info:  


Originally intended for two heats of 4 hours, the race finally was held over just 4 hours with a disappointing entry. It was won by Hutchins and O’Brien with the little Alfa Romeo, after Alden/Tattersall blew a piston. The “sedan” class was won by the Saab of Braun and Dodge who finished second overall, heading another Saab in third.
Early leaders Rainville/Davis in the Lotus Elite broke a halfshaft towards the end of the race, while the quick Sunbeam Rapier of Grossman/Haenalt stayed in contention, until Grossman had to change broken wheels twice out on the circuit.

Overall result
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1    
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce
Bob Hutchins
Jim O'Brien, USA
1290 L4 DP 186 laps        
2 1    
Louie Braun, USA
Joe Dodge, USA
  L3 Sedan under 1.3 184        
3 2    
Hal Mayforth, USA
Bill Perry
  L3 Sedan under 1.3 181        
4 3    
Volvo PV 544
Bob Aymar
Dick Mooney
1778? L4 Sedan over 1.3 179        
5 1    
Elva Courier
Doug Crook
Les Dornan
Bob Piekarski
1489 L4 DP 177        
Alfa Romeo
Ron Stiller
Sam Fast Jr
  L4   176        
Sunbeam Rapier Series III
Bob Grossman, USA
Phil Haenelt, USA
1494 L4 Sedan over 1.3         Broken wheels
Porsche 356B Super 90
Al Alden, USA
Art Tattersall, USA
1582 B4 DP 180       Blown piston
Lotus Elite
Charlie Rainville, USA
Newton Davis, USA
1216 L4 EP 171       Half shaft