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Aintree 200 Meeting

Aintree, Great-Britain

Date: 27/4/1963
Track length: 4.828 m
Entries accepted: 30 + 5 reserves

Pole position:
Fastest lap: Hill in 2.14,4 = 129,32 kmh

Distance: 10 laps
Average speed: 126,91 kmh
Weather: Dry, track initially damp
Ruleset: Group 2
Car info: 1963 Cars


Roy Salvadori made Graham Hill work hard, when he took the lead in the green Atkins 3.8 from Hill in the Coombs entry. Graham got past on the second lap, with Mike Salmon keeping well up with the battling pair in the Atherstone 3.8.
Jack Sears and Jimmy Blumer had a tremendous tussle in their Ford Cortinas, but Blumer did it all wrong at Bechers, dropping way back, leaving Sears virtually unchallenged after he gradually outstripped Peter Harper in the works Rapier, Keith Greene (Cortina) and Alan Hutcheson's familiar Riley.
Both Whitmore and Fenning drove their Mini Coopers with great verve, the former having a race long battle with Chris McLaren's 3.8 Jaguar. Paddy Hopkirk finished the race in great clouds of blue smoke, but still kept in front of his team-mate Rhodes. Blumer made a splendid recovery from his incident, and during his efforts to catch up again with Sears and Co. set up a new class record of 2:23.0.  Both Whitmore and Fenning put the 1300 cc record to 2:25.6.
Graham Hill eventually won from Salvadori by 5 seconds, the circuit having dried out completely by the end of the 10-lapper. Mike Salmon kept up with the leading pair to finish third. Peter Harper, making his works Rapier do things it was never designed for, finished second in class ahead of Keith Greene's Cortina. Whitmore won his class followed by Fenning, 5 seconds behind.
Source: Autosport

Class A-D
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1 101 John Coombs
Jaguar Mk II 3.8
Graham Hill, GB
3781 L6 D 10 laps, 22.49,6     2.14,4  
2 2 102 Tommy Atkins
Jaguar Mk II 3.8
Roy Salvadori, GB
3781 L6 D 10 laps, 22.54,6        
3 3 103 Atherstone Engineering
Jaguar Mk II 3.8
Mike Salmon, GB
3781 L6 D 10 laps, 22.57,2        
4 1 110 John Willment Automobiles
Ford Cortina GT
Jack Sears, GB
1498 L4 B 10 laps, 24.16,2        
5 2 120 Sunbeam Talbot Ltd
Sunbeam Rapier Series IIIA
Peter Harper, GB
1592 L4 B 10 laps, 24.30,0        
6 3 111 John Willment Automobiles
Ford Cortina GT
Keith Greene, GB
1498 L4 B 10 laps, 24.36,0        
7 4 107  
Jaguar Mk II 3.8
Chris McLaren, GB
3781 L6 D 10 laps, 24.43,0        
  1 126 Cooper Car Co.
Austin Mini Cooper
John Whitmore, GB
997 L4 A 10 laps, 24.44,4     2.25,6  
  4 109  
Riley 1.5
Alan Hutcheson, GB
1532 L4 B 10 laps, 24.44,4        
  2 128 Jan-Speed Engineering Ltd.
Morris Mini Cooper
John Fenning, GB
997 L4 A 10 laps, 24.50,2     2.25,6  
  3 125 Cooper Car Co.
Morris Mini Cooper
Paddy Hopkirk, IRL
997 L4 A 10 laps, 25.06,8        
  4 127 Cooper Car Co.
Morris Mini Cooper
John Rhodes, GB
997 L4 A 10 laps, 25.11,0        
    113 Alan Andrews racing
Ford Cortina GT
Jimmy Blumer, GB
1498 L4 B       2.23,0 Spin
    129 Alexander Engineering Co.
Morris Mini Cooper
Mick Clare, GB
997 L4 A          
    112 John Willment Automobiles
Ford Cortina GT
Gawaine Baillie, GB
1498 L4 B          
    106 Zenith Films
Jaguar Mk II 3.8
Albert Powell, GB
3781 L6 D          
Volvo PV 544
Jürg Dubler, CH
1598 L4 B          
    118 Alan Fraser Racing Team
Sunbeam Rapier Series IIIA
Les Leston, GB
1592 L4 B          
    119 Alan Fraser Racing Team
Sunbeam Rapier Series IIIA
Peter Jopp, GB
1592 L4 B          
    124 Don Moore
Morris Mini Cooper
Christabel Carlisle, GB
997 L4 A          
    130 Westover Racing
Morris Mini Cooper
Edward Lewis, GB
997 L4 A          
    133 Scottish Racing Drivers Club
Austin Mini Cooper
Bill Borrowman, GB
997 L4 A          
Morris Mini Cooper
George "Doc" Shepherd, GB
997 L4 A          
    135 Team Red Rose
Morris Mini Cooper
Harry Ratcliffe, GB
997 L4 A