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6th Annual Little Le Mans 8-hour Endurance Race

Lime Rock Park, Lime Rock, Connecticut, USA

Date: 7/7/1962
Track length: 2.462 m
Entries accepted:
Starters: 20

Pole position:
Fastest lap:

Distance: 8 hours
Average speed: 111,17 kmh
Ruleset: “Sedans”
Car info:  


It was Sweden all over again with a win for the P1800 coupé, not really a “Sedan” but the Little Le Mans race never had very strict rules in this respect. Svensson/Tattersall did the winning ahead of a similar car with Cunningham/Walsh. The 1600 cc PV 544 of Riley/Rutan was on its way to third and a class win, but a snapped halfshaft (not the first time a Volvo suffered from this) ans a split fuel line dropped them from third to seventh. They gained a place when the third-placed Saab was disqualified for using a not yet homologated pressure lubrication system.
First retirement was Denise McCluggage with her Mini Cooper; an oiled clutch meant the end, and Bob Grossmann, last-minute substitute for Roger Penske (attending the funeral of close friend Peter Ryan) had the shortest long-distance race of his career with zero metres.
The Volvo coupés were not only fast but fuel efficient too, and had to stop much less frequent than the Saabs or the 1600 cc Volvo.

Overall result
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1    
Volvo P 1800
Rune Svensson, USA
Art Tattersall, USA
1778 L4 Class 10 (+1600) 369 laps        
2 2    
Volvo P 1800
Charles "Chuck" Cunningham, USA
Jack Walsh, USA
1778 L4 Class 10 (+1600)          
Saab 96
Gaston Andrey, USA
Bob Holbert, USA
841 L3 Class ?         Non-homologated pressure lubrication
Saab 96
Louis Braun, USA
Hal Mayforth, USA
841 L3 Class ?          
4 1    
Bob Cory, USA
Howard Humphries, USA
848 B2 Class 5 (850)          
5 2    
Gordon MacKenzie, USA
Bob Cory, USA
848 B2 Class 5 (850)          
6 1    
Volvo PV 544
Art Riley, USA
Bill Rutan, USA
1582 L4 Class 9 (1600)         Broken halfshaft
VW 1200
Ben Young, USA
Chandler Lawrence, USA
1192 B4 Class 8 (1300)          
Triumph Herald
George Waltman, USA
Nick Cone, USA
948 L4 Class 7 (1100?)         Accident
BMW 700
Jerry Pollyca
Ernst De Vos, USA
697 B2 Class 4 (700)          
NSU Prinz 30
Bill O'Connor, USA
Frank Macauley, USA
583 L2 Class 3 (600)          
Saab 96
Joe Dodge, USA
Sven-Eric Sundquist
841 L3           Lost wheel 100 ft from the finish line; non-homologated pressure lubrication
Austin Mini Cooper
Denise McCluggage, USA
Bob Grossman, USA
(Roger Penske, USA)
997 L4 Class 7 (1100?)         Clutch