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1st Marlboro 12 hour

Marlboro Park Speedway, Upper Marlboro, Maryland, USA

Date: 22/10/1961
Track length: 2.734 m
Entries accepted: unknown
Starters: 26
Finishers: 18

Pole position: Le Mans start, biggest cars first
Fastest lap:

Distance: 12 hours
Average speed:
Weather: Drizzle and cold
Ruleset: FIA Group 1 and 2?/American Compacts and foreign Sedans up to 3200 cc
Car info:  


Amidst some scarcely disguised works cars from Pontiac, the European Volvo’s reigned superior at this inaugural 12-hour event. Initially, “Little Le Mans” winners Riley and Rutan took the lead on the wet track, but an unexpected pit stop to remove the protective tape from the headlights dropped him to second behind fellow Volvo pilots Svensson and Tattersall. A fight developed, with both cars lapping as fast as 1.51,5.
When Riley left the track in his pursuit for the lead, a stone holed his radiator - he had to settle for second.

Touring cars
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1   31  
Volvo PV 544
Rune Svensson, USA
Art Tattersall, USA
1582 L4 Class B 364 laps        
2   1  
Volvo PV 544
Art Riley, USA
Bill Rutan, USA
1582 L4 Class B 355        
3   7  
Sunbeam Rapier Series IIIA
Pete Van der Vate, USA
Gene Hobbs, USA
(Dick Nash)
1592 L4 Class B 350        
4   59  
Bob Corey, USA
Howard Humphries, USA
848 B2 Class B 349        
5   71?  
BMW 700
Harry Fanelli, USA
John Eisenhauer, USA
697 B2 Class B 340        
6   5  
George Alderman, USA
Jack Lyles, USA
Don Greimel, USA
  L4 Class B 334        
7   19  
VW 1200
Stan Avis, USA
Henry Schwartz Jr, USA
1192 B4 Class B 331        
8   15  
Lindsey McKellips, USA
Walt Phillips, USA
Dave Sisson, USA
  L4 Class B 330        
9   51  
Don Peterson, USA
Ben Fowke, USA
Ben Pano
  L4 Class B 330        
10   47  
VW 1200
Doug Moore, CDN
George Chapman, CDN
1192 B4 Class B 329        
11   37  
Alfa Romeo
Art Tweedale, USA
Warren Shamlian
  L4 Class B         Half shaft
12 1 42  
Buick Special
Doug Diffenderfer, USA
Don Erlbeck, USA
  V6 Class A         Clutch
13   2  
NSU Prinz
Fred Fischoff
Jim Miller
Joe Dodge, USA
  L2 Class B          
14   14  
Saab ?96
Reid Rollo, USA
Chris Custer, USA
Frank Fuller
  L3 Class B          
15   36  
Saab ?96
Don Bolton
Art Latta
  L3 Class B          
16   21  
Pontiac Tempest
Pierre Mion, USA
Bob Mouat, USA
    Class A          
17   12  
Pontiac Tempest
Duncan Black, USA
Bruce Jennings, USA
    Class A          
18   57 or 67  
Saab ?96
Fred Vetterlein
Pete Szasz
Hans Rhemrev
Charlie Stover
  L3 Class B          
DNF   4  
Plymouth Valiant
Henry Payne Sr
Henry Payne III
Bob Payne
    Class A         Con rod
DNF   3  
Chevrolet Corvair
Frank Bautista
Chuck Tolbert
2375 B6 Class A         Brakes, accident
DNF   11  
Fiat 1100
Harry Kicherer, USA
Gunter Genatowski
1089 L4 Class B         Crankshaft
DNF   9  
Volvo PV 544
Charlie Kolb, USA
Bob Johnson, USA
Lew Hatcher
1582 L4 Class B         Brakes
DNF   8  
Chevrolet Corvair
Al Forsythe
Ed Gelder
2375 B6 Class A         Brakes, accident
Fiat Abarth Zagato
Wally Hornbeck
  L4 Class B          
DNF   6  
Volvo PV 544
Don Horne
Bill Shelby
1582 L4 Class B         Accident
Pontiac Tempest
Nate Karras, USA
Ralph Salyer, USA
    Class A         Differential
Joe O'Neil, CDN
  L4 Class B