Drivers Parade

When the site consisted only of the ETCC races, I was thinking about a top-10 list, or at least: the 10 most significant drivers of the ETCC. To qualify, they should have won at least one title. My list would have included the following drivers:

Dieter Glemser

Umberto Grano

Hans Heyer

Toine Hezemans

Helmut Kelleners

Jochen Mass

Dieter Quester

Roberto Ravaglia

John Whitmore

Tom Walkinshaw

Since the site has grown a little since then, I'll leave it like that and show some of the best drivers instead. No bio, that may be found elsewhere in cyberspace, but just a few keywords. Click on a picture to get a bigger one.
All pictures generously supplied by Udo Klinkel (apart from Ed Swart, who
sent a picture himself. I consider that a compliment for the site!).

Andrea de Adamich. Synonym for Autodelta and Alfa Romeo. Two ETCC titles.
Gerry Birrell. A star in the Ford team, but halfway during the 1973 season he had a fatal accident in a formula 2 race. We probably hadn't even seen the best of him yet.
John Fitzpatrick. Great driver by any standard - in Minis, Anglia's, Escorts or Porsches. BTCC champion.
Dieter Glemser. Started his career with Mercedes, but his main achievents were many victories with Ford. 1971 ETCC champion, double DRM champion.

Hans Heyer. Titles in Europe and Germany. Looked like being married to Zakspeed, but was dumped in 1980 - he surprisingly moved over to Lancia to claim another DRM title in his first year, for me his finest achievement. 1974 ETCC champion, triple DRM champion.
Umberto Grano. Perhaps not the fastest driver, but very competitive - and always had adequate equipment, bringing some quality into the meager fields of the second part of the 70's. Started with Abarths, but became triple ETCC champion with BMW.

Ed Swart. First Dutch driver to win a major International championship and Abarth specialist. Drove sportscars too, Abarths as well as Chevron.
Toine Hezemans. The classic touring car star, though he had some victories in sportscars too. 1970 and 1973 ETCC champion. Brought some fun on the circuits with Stuck and Quester. His career faded after 1978, when he fell out with Loos and disappointed in the Procar series.

Gijs van Lennep. Not too many touring car races for him, but some good victories. But of course Gijs is better known as two-times Le Mans winner.
Niki Lauda. Formula 1 icon. Financed his early Formula 1 career with touring car races - and he was a crack, both with BMW and with Ford. Drove Capris in 1974, while having an F1 contract with Ferrari. Close your eyes and think of Schumacher driving an Audi in the DTM...
Jochen Mass. Star of the Ford Capri team, strong man capable of taming the Capri which was not an easy car to drive - as Emerson Fittipaldi found out. Never really got to grips with F1 but had a great Sportscar career thereafter. 1972 ETCC champion, 1971 German champion. Francois Mazet. Ford works driver, drove in F3 and F2 and tried his hands on Formula 1 once.
Dieter Quester. Three ETCC titles and a career spanning over 40 years. BMW icon. Rolf Stommelen. Formula 1 driver, and many races in the Ford Capri (spanning from 1970 to 1974) - but DRM champion in 1977 with Porsche. Continued his career in the USA - until a fatal accident marred the end.