Zolder 24h support race Procar 1993

Thibaut didn't have a strong teammate this year but had to concentrate to other opponents.
The second Audi was driven by a number of Juniors, Hemroulle doing most races but here Win Daems is behind the wheel.
Neugarten's Evo 2 looks great as ever.
Another multi-color car: Van de Poele in the Waterloo Motors M3.
 A Valier car was driven by Duez.
Dierick jumped from the Astra to an M3 and did surprisingly well.
The FIA Class II Seat of Van Dalen. They had a difficult season.
Verreydt in one of the Tom's prepared Carinas.
Bachelart was quick in the Pegeot but the car lacked consistancy. Class C: Desaeger in the Opel Astra GSi.

Delcourt still drove his Calibra, right-hand drive.

Race result

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