Nissan Mobil 500 Wellington 1993

The 1993 Wellington race had a lot of different classes and cars. Top of the bill were a few FIA Class 2 cars, led by the Mondeo of Radisich. Sharing with Seton, he retired.
Gravett andJustin Bell fared better and finished sixth overall with the Class 2 Peugeot 405.
This is the Group N NIssan Skyline of Newman/Henshaw - they retired.
Again a Class 2 car: the Ecosse  Cavalier of Nuttall and McIntyre; they finished fifth overall, winning  Class 2. Another class was formed by "NZ Group N"; here's the Commodore of van Breugel and Pope, tenth overall.
A Group N Peugeot was driven by Munro and Kitto, they finished 14th overall.
NZ Group N, the Ford Falcon of Sharp/Sorenson which finished 16th.
Riley and Beard won NZ Group N with this E36 BMW 325i, finishing fourth overall behind three Porsches.
There was Group A as well; this is the M3 of Cattle and Taylor, they finished 11th, third in Group A.
NZ Group N and this is a non-finisher: The Corona (which looks a lot like a European Carina E) of Bate and Pederson.

Race result

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