Zolder Bergischer Lwe DTM 1992

A team member of the AMG team once said: "there may be 50 drivers out there that are as quick as Lohr, but she's the fastest woman!" - I couldn't agree more.
This is the back of either Ludwig or Schneider; I can't tell.
Before we get onto the action pictures, let's first present the 1992 DTM field. Here is Ludwig, AMG team.
This is his teammate Schneider.
The second AMG team consisted of Lohr...
... and Rosberg.
Cecotto got a new team all for himself.
Soper drove for Bigazzi again.
The MS team: Laffite...
... and van Ommen.
Schnitzer had Ravaglia as #1 driver.
This is Thiim, Zakspeed team leader.
Linder was sent back to the privateer ranks but kept Hahne.
Nissen, more of him to follow.
Bernhard drove his private Mercedes.
Leopold von Bayern drove for Isert.
aker drove one of the Ruch Mustangs.
This is Engstler, Valier BMW.
Fritz K, MM BMW.
Stuck's Audi looked just like all the others.
Feucht's Mustang.
This was the view the pursuers of Heger had.
Mixed bag: Engstler, an Audi, Kreutzpointner and von Bayern.
Nissen had been transferred to the privateer Unitron team, now only racing one car - but a colorful one indeed.
Nissen even had a spare car!
Engstler a little sideways.
This must be Heger leading Laffite, Engstler and Nissen.

Race result

1992 Pictures