Snetterton BTCC 1992

This must be right after the start: Hoy leading Rouse.
Midfield: Verdon-Roe and Kaye.
Clelland on the inside of Rouse - and he is through.
Leslie and Bellm.
Hoy had a win in the front-wheel drive Carina.
Cleland finished second.
Menu was an excellent third. Rouse  finished in fourth.
Leslie was fifth in the Ecosse Cavalier.
A sixth for Allam, who never seemed to be able to match the speed of Cleland despite being one of touring car greatest.
Seventh was Thyrring.
A ninth for Sugden.
Walker must have been happy with tenth.
Watts finished eleventh.
13th for Verdon-Roe, who was the last classified finisher.
Neal retired with a broken gearbox...
.. just like Gravett.
Harvey fell victim to a puncture.

Race result

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