Silverstone BTCC 1992

Rouse teamed up with champion Hoy for this season.
Matt Neal drove this M3 - until it was totalled later in the season.
The Rouse-B team: Thyrring in another Carina.
Sean Walker drove this privateer M3.
I always try to prevent errors with names, but O'dor makes that difficult; in 1991, it was "Odor" at the car, now it's O'dor. I settle for Odor.
Hoy trying his new mount.
Cleland in his third season of Cavalier racing.
Rouse in the Carina.
Harvey drove a new-shape 3-series BMW for Vic Lee; although this was the former team of champion Hoy, few thought that Harvey would win the title.
Prodrive prepared this even lower looking BMW 3-series; but they were no match for the Lee cars.
Bristow entered his own car as a privateer.
Ian Flux had this M3.
Nissan entered two cars, this is Middlehurst's example.

Race result

1992 Pictures