Dijon (French Supertourisme) 1992

The start of the annual Dijon race - Audi in front. Lapeyre, Audi 80.
Sourd, Audi 80.
.Jabouille, BMW 2.7
Giroix, BMW M3.
Malcher, DTM BMW M3
Michel Ferté, DTM BMW M3.
Maillet, Renault 21 Turbo - from a different age, it seemed.
Pérus, Renault 21 Turbo.
Basso, BMW M3.
Cudini, Snobeck DTM Mercedes. Alain Ferté, Snobeck DTM Mercedes.
Bourion, VW Golf GTI. Tremblay/Large, Peugeot 205.

Garcin and Clenet shared this Toyota.  

Race result

1992 Pictures