Zolder New Race Festival 1990

A new year and a new ruleset; DTM Belgian style. They had Audi V8s too; this is Bacheleart who had massive problems.
Verellen finished fifth in heat one, but that was all.
Especially the BMW M3s looked terrific. But this is no M3; it's a Hartge M3-240, driven by Martin to second and first.
De Deyne scored eight in heat one in this unique Porsche 944 S2.
This car did not figure in my results; Willy Maljean drove this M3.
Slaus in his hastily built M3 scored a victory and a second!
Vanierschot, turbo-less and way down the order.
De Jamblinne and Neugarten shared this Porsche: fourth (heat 1) and third (heat 2).
Another cool M3: Guy van Mol, again a name missing from my results.
 Yet again a car not in my results: Haugg and the Kadett GSi 16V.
Another Kadett for Noirhomme, 7th in Division 2, heat 2.
Toyota MR2, shared by Carlier and Cremer, result unknown.

Meunier finished third in class in heat 2.

Race result

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