De NAV op Zolder 1990

A difficult weekend for Baronet van Dedem; a crash after the start meant only fifth at the finish line.
If you compare the cars, Belgian Procar looked far better; but the Dutch championship had quite a high profile with importer teams. Here's Hin who would be sixth in the race. Euser's teammate Krab finished third behind Kalff.
Euser, happy with his rebuilt car, won the race.
Here's Kalff, second.
Patrick Huisman finished fourth.

Tom Langeberg with his M3; seventh.
Amsing in his Turbo Supra, result unknown.
Lensen in his Mitsubishi, result unknown.
Bolderheij, the winner here.
Wout van Reenen finished seventh.
Rob Nobels with his Celica finished third.
Happé finished ninth in class and I guess that was his overall position too.
Caron finished fourth in the 2000 cc race in this Peugeot 405 MI16.
Santisi finished eight in class.
The smallest class: this is Oeberius Kapteyn, second in class.
Fred de Jong finished sixth in class.
Paul Broos, fourth in class.
Don van der Vaart: seventh in class.
And finally class winner Kees Kreijne.

Race result

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