Zolder Bergischer Lwe DTM 1990

The start of race 1.
A breaking duel between Grohs in the M3 (in Evo trim rather than Sport Evo) and Thiim.
Cecotto in the Schnitzer Sport Evo.
Thiim again...
... and Ludwig in the Mercedes Evo I.
A BMW train, consisting of Soper, Hahne, Cecotto and Laffite.
Soper leading an MS-Jet Mercedes.
Bigazzi made a big impact at the start of the season; this is Soper...
... this is Winkelhock...
... and here's Laffite, all regular front-runners.
Linder fared less well, apart from Heger; this is Nissen.
Zakspeed had few high points in the season; this is Quester.
They were perhaps handicapped by having to enter Anette Meeuvissen, though I would rate her higher than the 2012 DTM ladies.
Gorhs in his Valier car.
Privateer Bernhard had to use the old 2.3-16; and this damage didn't make life any easier.
Stuck was surprisingly efficient on the brakes; outbraking an M3 wasn't unusual for the big Audi.
Opel had already withdrawn for the weekend, but Audi did a terrific job.
The private Murmann team was very competitive in the season, especially when Schmickler got behind the wheel.

Race result

1990 Pictures