Spa Ardennes Trophy Belgian Procar 1990

Norbert Vogel presents us the Belgian Procar field - I'm quite fond of this stage of the championship. Two Audi V8's for s start (remember the DTM had just a single car on this moment); this is Verellen's car.
Teammate Bachelart had a similar car, prepared by Franz Dubois. In the background one of the many Peugeots 309, in this case Meunier.
The champion to be: Martin who was sponsored by the series' sponsor (though he arranged both deals himself). The Hartge-M3 was the car to have.
Mondron and De Deyne shared this Porsche 944.
Hoebeke had an M3 as well, but a standard version.
A third Audi V8 was for Winderinckx; a private effort despite the professional outfit.
Another good story: Slaus saw his hopes of a seat somewhere else disappear, built himself an M3 from a Bigazzi shell and scored two wins and two seconds in the first two races.
The money would run out this season despite the sponsor's name; as long as it went the Ferrari was a colorful addition to the field. This is Witmeur.
De Jamblinne raced this Porsche Carrera 2; he shared with Guy Nève.
RAS entered two Carreras: this one for Pirnay and "Davit"...
... the other car for Van Dalen and Patrick Nève.
Guy Van Mol had an M3 too.
No championship without any Semoulin competing: junior Yves had a difficult season in the non-turbo Ford.
Guyaux with another immaculate M3.
Visconti raced a Porsche of not quite the latest type.
Eddy Van Esch drove this Kadett in Division 2.
Michel Delcourt raced a GM product once again - but this was quite something different from a Holden!
Verreydt's car was declared illegal, but in the remainder of the season it dominated the class - in legal form.

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