Oulton Park BTCC 1990

A smiling Rouse behind the wheel. Not on pole, that was for the Yokohama-shod Gravett, but he would win the race.
The Pirelli-shod car of Rouse in action.
Harvey in another Rouse car was on Dunlops; he finished fourth.
Bristow finished one place ahead of him.
Yet another Rouse Sierra for Walker, who retired.
Mike Smith wouldn't get much driving this season beecause of financial problems. But here he had a go, until the gearbox of the Trakstar car broke.
Goode in his Sierra: another retirement.
The unique 2-liter Sierra of Bellm; tenth overall was a fine result, but a Sierra was not a good 2-liter car, as Robb Gravett would find out in 1991 too.
The Vectra was a car with potential; third in class the first time out.
A converted non-turbo Mitsubishi for Hales: it retired.
The car to have it seemed was the 2-liter version of the M3; here is Forrest, who was ninth overall.
Teammate Chalmers retired.
Prodrive had the edge over the others, here with Sytner, second in class.
Class winner was the second Prodrive car, shared between three drivers this season. Kelvin Burt set the standard, winning the class!
Mahoney retired his M3...
... just like Hall.

Race result

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