Int. ACR-Grenzlandpreis
Stefan Bellof-Gedächtnis-Rennen 1989

A nice view of the Belgian Group N field in 1989; we start with division 2. This is the CRX of Tillekaerts.
His teammate Koentges had a Civic VTEC.
The Peugeots 205 took a long time to get competitive, but in September they were. This is Bachelart, future Indycar owner, with a Serge Power car.
Michel De Deyne was his teammate.
This is the Ecurie Bruxelloise car of "Davit".
Francois Turco drove this Golf GTI 16V.
One of the IMC Toyotas was driven by Bernard Carlier.
A Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9 for Meirschaut.
Plennevaux with another Golf 16V. Division 1 then. This is Yves Semoulin...
... and this is Verellen, his teammate. Albert Vanierschot drove this Alpine; still a turbo car.
A BMW M3 for Willy Maljean Jean-Michel Martin, still going strong, was driving this Audi 200 turbo.
A second Audi was driven by Winderinckx.
Patrick Slaus piloted another Sierra Cosworth.
A somewhat older car, a BMW 535i, for André Carlier. De Jamblinne drove a Porsche 911, an unusual touring car.
Guy Magermans had a Renault 5 GT Turbo. Another M3, this is van Mol's car, sporting a front spoiler from the Evo Group A version. An early example of a waiver?
Jacques Semoulin, the fourth driver from that wellknown family, drove the Escort Turbo. Pascal Witmeur in a 4-door Sierra.
Eddy Joosen had two doors less. Last but not least: a Porsche 944 Turbo for Alex Guyaux.

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