Spa 24 hours 1989

The traditional picture of the grid; Sierras up front.
It is nearly impossible to get the pictures in the right order - so we go backwards through the field. Group N: this is the Dutch importers' car, with airjacks, Hin, Euser and Vermeersch. The car finished 20th, fifth in class. 39th at the finish: the UURT BMW 535i of Carlier, Bormans and Watteyne.
Bourgoignie, Verellen and Semoulin finished 14th in the Sierra. This is the side in Dutch!
The Porsches were back, after all those years. This is the N-GT car of Dören, Hardy and Schenk - they finished ninth, second in class.
A tail-happy number 78.
Another Porsche: this is the Moore, Delcourt and Visconti 911; they retired.
And another one: Nève, de Jamblinne and Libert finished tenth overall, third in class.
The Moneytron Ferrari's were disappointing. This is the car of Gachot, Huysman and comeback man Keke Rosberg. They were not classified.
The second car was for Witmeur and comeback men Philippe Martin and Mauro Bianchi.
Bagnall, Hennes and Wollgarten drove this AC Schnitzer car to 25th overall and second in N/division 4.
Hess, Polanski and Hölzl in the Mercedes 2.3-16; 30th and third in class.
A division 5 car again; the Porsche 944 turbo of Guyaux, Herregods and Bovy; a fine sixth overall and first in Group N. Van Moll, Pensis and Bertinchamps drove this M3; Group N, but that's definitely an Evo front spoiler! 13th overall, first in N/Division 4.
"Wilmi", Baugnee and Jamar won N/Division 3 and finished 18th overall. Thiry, Wauters and Roothaert finished 38th in the Celica.
Carlier, Meirschaut and Theyus did not finish at all...
... the car had a big moment.
Close, Hortulanus and Seyler: 27th overall and second in N/division 3.
Vingerhoed/Maillien: third in class, 29th overall.
Tillekaerts/Koentges won N/division 2 and finished 17th overall.
Corthals, Cuvelier and Dewez: second in N/Division 1, 32nd overall.
A typical Spa night shot - and a great one indeed.
Nightrunners: Schnitzer M3...
... and Prodrive M3.
We continue with group A; starting numbers go the other way round as in Group N; suits me fine. This is the Corolla of Van Rompuy, Willems and Van Peer; 23rd overall, fifth in class. The van Hilten couple and Philips finished 34rd and seventh in class.
Remion, Chaballe and Peters brought this Corolla to 24th overall and sixth in class. The Supra Turbo may be a fine car in Japan, but in Europe the car was disappointing; this one retired with a boken clutch.
The other Supra retired with a blown head gasket.
Severich, Schumacher and Haugg finished 22nd and fourth in class.
What an elegant car, the Corolla AE92. Toyo-shod, it finished 12th overall and third in class.
Fermine, de Liedekerke and Verreydt finished eight overall and won their class.
Guiot, Plasch and Dehaut retired this M3 Evo.
"Vabueti", Freon and Bruno in trouble!
Vanierschot, Wansart or Maljean spinning this M3; it would continue to 21st overall and fourth in class.
Mychl, Faubel and Walterscheid-Müller: 16th overall, third in class.
A fifth overall for Prodrive with rallymen De Mevius and Chatroit, partnered by Jeff Allam.
Oops! M3 getting it wrong.
Still, Bovensiepen, Memminger and De Radigues finished seventh and third in class.
Theys, Duez and Soper...
... retired this Priodrive car.
The Bigazzi car of Béguin/Quester/Tarquini dropped out late in the race with a broken clutch. Here it has passed the 535i.
Another retirement: Laffite, Martin and Grouillard.
No Schnitzer victory this year: second place for Ravaglia/Heger/Giroix.
Oldtimer: Tant, Douart and Taguet retired...
... just like this other oldtimer, the Volvo of De Rosée, Raes and Dumortier.
Bornebusch, De Sordi and Slaus brought this Sierra home in an excellent fourth overall.
De Dryver, Morin and Metge finished 14th overall.
The mighty AMG Mercedes provided only a short firework. This car retired...
... just like the other one.
It became a double victory for the Eggenberger team, after all those years. This is the car of Biela, Joosen and Lindström, second.
Two Bastos cars in one picture.
Here's the winner: the Eggenberger Sierra of Brancatelli, Schneider and Percy. The podium; I recognize Schneider, Lindström, Heger and Biela.

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