Thruxton 2 BTCC 1988

O'Brien brought his Commodore again, but six Sierras were faster than him.
Mahoney's Sierra being one of them.
Just like in the 1987 WTCC, the Maserati was interesting but hopeless.
Sytner leading Smith and Ratzenberger with Hodgetts in the background.
Even for the experienced Edwards the Sierra RS500 was quite a handful, here spinning it twice.
Ratzenberger on the outside of Wiffen with Sytner close behind.
Hodgetts couldn't get the Supra going all season.
Leech retired the big Rover once again, this time with differential trouble.
O'Brien finished sixth.
Newman came fourth with the Goode Sierra.
Goode himself finished seventh.
Hathaway came tenth.
Rouse won as so often.
May was classified last.
Smith "stole" fastest lap from...
... Sytner... Shead finished second in class.

Race result

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