Spa 24 hours 1988

Let's start with the start and then turn our attention to the cars that were there - either in the race or practice.
Big names, great team but a disappointment: Cecotto, Larini and Francia retired this CiBiEmme Alfa 75 V6.
Even in Swedish hands, the Maserati Biturbo proved a disaster in touring car racing. A driveshaft failure meant another DNF here.
Luigi turned to Sierra's in 1988 - but the fine BMW years were long ago by now. No finish for #14 in Spa.
The shape of things to come; a flame-throwing Nissan. A decent 6th at the finish.

A good old 635: a non-finisher for Di Goia, Delavallade and Févrot.
The Toyota Supras were in better shape than last year. The Swiss atmo car finished fifth...
... but the two IMC Supras retired.
Another oldie: the Rover Vitesse. This one retired with a broken rear axle, just like the old days... But this modern Sierra retired as well. It is the car of Bolderheij, van Hilten and Winderinckx. The engine blew less than an hour in the race.
... just like this Belgian BMW. Third place at the end: the Bigazzi M3 of Laffite/Martin/Grouillard.
A DNF for the Bychl/Faubel/Walterscheid-Müller team.
This BMW reached the finish too, with lots of tank tape.
This Prodrive car finished 8th. The second Prodrive car retired.
A colorful entry of Garaga Du Bac, Spa regulars for years now. The French car did not finish due to engine problems. Their second car retired as well.
A private car for Vanicek/van Hooydonk/van Dedem; they finished 21st. Another retirement: the Lingmann-M3.
The Linder car of Lohr/Schmickler/Bartels finished 7th. Jamin, Bertinchamps and Maljean finished in 19th place.
10th: the Wollgarten 325i. 12th: another 325i, still going strong.
Hans van der Beek brought the usual unusual Mazda to Spa. They finished, but in a lowly 23rd position.
A pitstop for the Mazda. An Australian Corolla: Holden/Gulson/Lintott finished 25th.
This Honda finished 20th... ... while this one retired.
An FX-GT Tom's Corolla, is was not classified.
Holvoet/Van Esch and Hemmes retired this Corolla.
18th and fifth in class: yet another Corolla of Hardy/Peters/Schenk. Schnitzer took another Spa victory, this year with Ravaglia, Heger and Quester.
A good result for Nissan: they finished 6th.

Race result

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