Jarama 1988

Soper/Ludwig, the race winners. Niedzwiedz/Dieudonné, second.
Orlandi/Castagna faired less well: 17th at the finish. Lindström/Santal, luckless, another DNF for Maserati.
Domeq/Galiano, 4th in division 3. Müller/Schmidlin, retirement.
Bornebusch/Larsson, 7th overall. Disqualified: the M3 of Laffite and Grouillard.
Division 2 winners: Ravaglia/Oestreich. Second in division 2: Heger and vd Poele.
Third in division 2: the private M3 of Tomásek/Vánicek. 18th overall, 8th in class was this Wollstadt BMW M3.
Fourth in class was this Spanish BMW. Third in class: Fermine/de Liedekerke.
Second in class: Van den Eeckhout/Van Esch. Class winner: Charouz/Alber.
All Jarama pictures supplied by Fernando Doménech.

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