Fuji 500 1988

After the start: a few Sierras in front, but Nissans and Toyotas all over the place. The Toyo-shod Trampio Sierra of Niedzwiedz/Yokoshima won the race.
Miedecke and Crosby were here voor Asia-Pacific points, but they retired. On the left the Skyline of Sekine/Tohira/Kinoshita (DNF), on the right the Toyota Supra of Sekiya/Okawa who came second.
Teammates Lees and Barilla retired.
Another shot of the #37 Supra. Pirro and Heger retired the Schnitzer M3 Evo.
This Japanese Mercedes finished 11th. Acheson and Dickens finished third overall and won division 2.
Hoshino/Suzuki were seventh and third in class. Okamoto/Nitta retired this Corolla AE92, the Honda 555 behind them retired as well.

Race result

1988 Pictures