Donington 500 1988

The class of 1988 during practice. The Eggenberger cars (Niedzwiedz/Ludwig here) were hardly changed. A Wolf Sierra for Hahne/Allam.
The Bemani Toyota (Müller/Schmiedlin) sideways, followed by the Czech M3 of Vanicek/Tomasek. The Kaj Bornebusch/Ulf Larsson Sierra was very white.
A BTCC Sierra for Goode/Newman. A works Nissan for Percy/Grice.
One of the Bigazzi M3's... ... and an M3 for Bychl/Faubel.
Yet another M3 here - the Schnitzer car of Ravaglia/vd Poele, the eventual winners. A Spanish M3 with Pareja/Albacete.
The Prodrive BTCC car of Sytner/Weaver/Smith - second overall. Their teammates came in third overall. Something for the Dutch - the M3 for van Dedem/Krab, fourth overall.
It wasn't raining the whole weekend though. Here are the works Sierras. This ancient BMW 635 did not make the race; di Goia and Févrot were non-starters, though they had qualified 18th.

The polesitter: Eggenberger Sierra with Ludwig and Niedzwiedz.
Third on the grid was this Wolf-Sierra.
Row 6: Dutch M3.
Row 8: Czech BMW.
Row 11: Czech Corolla.
Another view of the grid.
The Dutch BMW mid-field.
Toyota entered a big car in this race...
... and quite some smaller ones. This is the Corola of Katsers/Burton, DNF.
Fermine/De Liedekerke finished third in class.
Van den Eeckhout/Van Esch finished second in class.
But this Spanish car retired.
Soper and Dieudonné would have an engine failure.
Oppitzhauser and Moczár retired as well.
Laffite and Vogt retired the Bigazzi M3.
Bychl and Faubel retired too.
The Czechoslovakian M3 had a different livery on each side, it seems. They finished sixth.
Wollstadt and Hatje finished seventh overall.
Fifth overall: the Bigazzi BMW of Martin/Thatcher. Fourth overall: the Dutch BMW, van Dedem behind the wheel here.
The Prodrive cars finished second and third - here is the third place car of Smith/Hoy. It wasn't a Sierra day: both cars retired.

Race result

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