Dijon 500 km de Bourgone 1988

The paddock: Lindström and Santal's Maserati. A trio of BMW's.
An unknown Mercedes... After the start - threatening clouds.
Midfield: The Maserati just ahead of the similar-sponsored Toyota's. Brancatelli/Dieudonné, 2nd in the end.
Soper and Niedzwietz won the race. Jolly club car #52 retired, the #52 BMW finished fourth.
The Maserati would retire. This Toyota finished a creditable 6th with Müller and Strycek.
The Nismo Nissan retired.
Metge and Jaussaud retired too. Another retirement was this BMW.
Bychl/Faubel finished 12th. Van der Poele and Ravaglia finished third and won their class.
A Czech BMW: 14th overall at the end. A Prodrive car with Joosen and Duez: 7th.
Wollstadt and Wirth retired this BMW.
This BMW is not on my list...
Malcher/Petit" 8th at the finish. Another car not on my list.
This Belgian Corolla finished third in class. Frensch/Möllmann retired the little pink Peugeot.

Race result

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